Newbern Library

Newbern, USA, 2015

The Newbern Library is an adaptive reuse project of a bank building built in 1906. The student team navigated the project throughout conc...

20K Houses

Hale County & Marengo County, USA, 2012

The 20K House project began in 2004 as an ongoing research project to address the need for affordable housing in rural areas and provide ...

Newbern Town Hall

Newbern, USA, 2011

Seven years after building a volunteer fire station in downtown Newbern, Rural Studio designed and built a Town Hall for the community. L...

Lions Park Playscape

Greensboro, USA, 2010

The Playscape team designed and built a maze of 55-gallon galvanized drums. 

Safe House Museum

Greensboro, USA, 2010

The Safe House Black Historic Museum documents the struggle for equality at the local level along with other highlights of the Civil Righ...

Akron Boys & Girls Club

Akron, USA, 2007

A large span lamella structure covers a basketball court connects to a 1500 SF recreation space.

Hale County Animal Shelter

Hale County, USA, 2006

Animal shelter with long-span, lamella structural system roof made from off-the-shelf dimensional lumber.

Christine Papercrate House

Masons Bend, USA, 2005

The Green family house, made from Papercrete, a construction material composed of pulped paper, clay, and cement that has existed si...

Newbern Fire Station

Newbern, USA, 2004

The Newbern Volunteer Fire Department and Town Hall.

Perry Lakes Park Restrooms

Perry County, USA, 2003

Three unique toilet "experiences": A fifty-foot "Tall toilet"; a "Long toilet" with 2 cantilevering walls t...

Lucy Carpet House

Masons Bend, USA, 2002

House for Lucy Harris & family.

Corrugated Cardboard Pod

Newbern, USA, 2001

Student 'pod' made of wax-impregnated cardboard bales.

Glass Chapel

Masons Bend, USA, 2000

Small community center in Masons Bend made of recycled car windows.

Harris Butterfly House

Masons Bend, USA, 1996

House for Anderson and Ora Lee Harris.

Yancey Tire Chapel

Sawyerville, USA, 1995

Small chapel built of recycled tires, river rock and repurposed wood and tin.

Bryant Haybale House

Masons Bend, USA, 1995

House for Alberta & Shepard Bryant.