GARP Education Centre
Drawing © Riehle+Assoziierte
GARP Education Centre
Drawing © Riehle+Assoziierte
Photo © Roland Halbe, Stuttgart

GARP Education Centre

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Nürtingen, Germany

The new education building for ‘GARP Bildungszentrum’ - an Education Centre for metal-working professions - is embedded in a beautiful landscape setting at the periphery of Nürtingen and works as an addition to the existing school campus of the adjacent Rudolf-Steiner-Walddorfschule and the Hölderlin-Gymnasium. The project proposes a single storey solitaire that demonstrates strong connections to the surrounding landscape.

The typology of a very horizontal pavilion in combination with an inner courtyard provides a high level of spatial quality, informal communication and strong visual as well as physical connections to the open landscape. The new school building comprises a series of seminar rooms, communicative open learning areas and a metal education workshop.

Views into and through the building is a consistent architectural principle, that connects areas for theory and practice and allows inside activities to be read and projected outside the building via an ambivalent metal glass facade.

Client: GARP Bildungszentrum Nürtingen
Competition: March 2017, 1st prize
Status: Under construction, completion due end 2019
Location: Nürtingen
Gross floor area: 2,000 m2
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen
Renders: Vizoom, Berlin

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