Ricardo Bofill Levi

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Ricardo Bofill was born in Barcelona and studied at the School of Architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1963 he founded a group formed by architects, engineers, sociologists and philosophers, creating the basis for what today is the ‘Taller de Arquitectura’ (Architectural Workshop).

Taller de Arquitectura’, with headquarters in Barcelona, accomplishes a collective and elaborate system for project design, establishing a technical collaboration in all countries where it undertakes projects. It is a practice composed of a structure which endeavours for the highest quality, capable of conceiving and carrying out projects anywhere in the world. With this aim the 'Taller' uses all of its means available: modern techniques, human resources, the professional expertise of each individual and the efficient organization of its structure.

This multidisciplinary international team takes on projects of city planning, transport, leisure, housing and offices. In their conception these projects include the design components: furniture, sculpture and interior design. City design, as applied in the European cities of Bordeaux, Luxembourg, Rome, Prague, Warsaw, Kobe and Madrid, as well as in Boston, U.S.A. In China stands out the project for Qingdao Olympic Games village, a proposal for a new district in Beijing, Landmark Buildings, an high-rise building complex, the Shangri-la Hotel, Sunshine Upper East and The Reflection residential complex, all under construction. The 'Antigone' neighbourhood in Montpellier is a tangible example of a project on a grand scale, a part of the city which has been designed and constructed by this team during twenty years.

 In the field of great infrastructures Barcelona Airport extension of 1991 stands out and the future one will be achieved in 2009. In the field of cultural equipments the team has designed the ‘Miguel Delibes Cultural Center’ in Valladolid, Spain, the ‘Arsenal Music Center’ in Metz, France,

Jean Pierre Carniaux

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Was born in París in 1951.


He studied in Paris University, where he obtained his  d.u.e.s. in 1972.

He travelled to Boston to study in Massachussets Institute of Technology, where he obtained a Bachelor of Sciences in Art & Design in 1974 and a masters in architecture in 1976.

Professional experience

He is an architect partner in Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura since 1976.

Managing director of  Taller de Arquitectura in New York from 1986 to 1987.

Managing director of Taller de Arquitectura in París in 1993.

He has coordinated various different projects, including large scale projects in cities like Paris, Luxemburg, Lisbon, Moscow, Prague, New York city, Tokio, Beijing...

He has also been involved in public projects, housing and offices.

Important projects in his professional career:


Logistic park, office complex, 2002, Barcelona (70.000 m2)

Nexus II, office building, 2002, Barcelona (7.000 m2)

Triana port commercial and business center, 2000, Sevilla (120.000 m2)

Nova bocana, Barcelona Port extension project (15 hectacres)

Manzanares Park, 2003, Madrid (500 hectacres)

National Theatre of Catalunya, 1997, Barcelona (22.239 m2)

Torre suecia, office building, 1992, Madrid (13.100 m2)

Villa olímpica housing complex, 1991, Barcelona (19.853 m2)


Cartier headquarters, 2003, Paris (26.000 m2)

Axa headquarters, 2000 Paris (6.500 m2)

Montpellier Olimpic swimmingpool, 1996 (15.000 m2)

Hotel Mercure, 1991, Montpellier (5.600 m2)

Motorway service station Les Volcans. 1991, Clermont-Ferrandx (39,7 ha)

Capitole & Parnasse housing buildings, 1990, Montpellier (32.000 m2)

Wine cellar Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, 1998, Pauillac, Bordeaux (4.000 m2)

Gobernment headquarters of  Languedoc-Roussillon region, 1988, Montpellier

(15.000 m2)

Les Echelles de la Ville, office building, 1986, Montpellier (11.000 m2)

Port juvénal, housing complex, 1989, Montpellier (30.700 m2)

La Place du Nombre d’Or, housing complex, 1984, Montpellier (30.000 m2).

Antigone, 1978-2000, Montpellier (400.000 m2)


Funchalcentrum commercial and residential area , 2001, Funchal, Madeira (110.000 m2)

Colombo’s resort, Porto Santo

Compave office building, 2001, Lisbon (32.000 m)


Savona Port, restructuring project, 2000 (50.000 m2)

SP Fiumicino district, 1998, Roma (800,000 m2)


Hotel du Larvotto, 1997 (25,000 m2)


La porte, two office buildings, 2004 (26,000 m2)

Weidert, residencial complex, 2003 (8,000 m2)

Plateau Kirchberg, restructuring project,1996 (800,000 m2)

La place de l'Europe, 1995 (3 ha)

Czech Republic

Crystal Karlín office building, 2002, Prague (27.000 m2)

Corso Karlin office building,, 2000, Prague (7.000 m2)

Barrio de nova Karlin, 1999, Prague (225.000 m2)

Crystal Palace, office building,, Prague (25.000 m2)


Platinum Tower, housing building, 2002, Beirut (53.000 m2)


Central Park north, renovation project, 1987, New York city

Port Imperial, housing complex, 1985, New Jersey (160 ha)

Corner Condominium, housing building, 1985, New York city

Jefferson Tower, project for the New York museum of Modern Art, 1985


Old port of Montréal, renovation project, 1989, (53 hectacres)


Engativa & Casablanca, housing complex, 1997 Bogotá (9.000 apartments).


Shiseido New Ghinza building, 2001, Tokio (6.000 m2)

Kawasaki project, housing complex, commercial areas and offices, 2001, Tokio (150.000 m2)

Aoyama palace, housing complex and commercial areas,1999, Tokio (40.000 m2)

Puerto de Kobe, renovation project, 1991, Kobe (840.000 m2)

Kansai Airport contest, 1988, Osaka (300.000 m2)


Sailing competition headquarters contest, 2003, Qingdao (olympic games 2008)

Garden hotel, 2005, Beijing (70.000 m2)

Sunshine Upper East, residential complex, 2004, Beijing (102.000 m2)

Landmark, mix use buildings, 2003, Beijing (162.970 m2)

Peter Hodgkinson

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Was born in Worcester, England, in 1940.


1966: “Architectural Association” prize, won in the final year.

1966: Architectural diploma in the "Architectural Association" in Londres, England

Teaching activities

From 1972 to 1982 he was a professor of projects in the fifth year of the Escuela de Arquitectura de Barcelona.

Professional experience

He collaborated with the Harden & Bombelli architect company from 1962 to 1963 in Barcelona.

He is an architect partner and co-founder of the Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, since 1966.

He has studied and taken on all the facets of architecture, specializing in transport infrastructures, above all airports, where his experience in resolving functionality difficulties, and integrating circulation stands out.

Important projects in his professional career:

Transport infrastructures:


Barcelona Airport, Natep

New terminal of Barcelona Airport

Urban design project and interchange of the Chamartín station

Barcelona Airport

Extension of the Barcelona Airport Terminal.

Barcelona Airport control tower

Barcelona Airport train station

New south terminal of Barcelona Airport 2008

Málaga Airport

Extension of Pablo Picasso terminal in Málaga Airport

Tenerife Airport contest

Barajas Airport contest

Zaragoza high speed train station contest


High speed train station of Bologna


Complex intermodal platform contest

Sporting, cultural and public buildings:


City of Culture contest, Galicia

Royal Collection Museum contest

Princesa Sofía school of music

Can Rull medical center, Sabadell

Madrid Municipal Congress Hall

Catalunya Institute of Phisical Education

Anilla Olímpica contest

Nuestra Señora de Meritxell sanctuary


State Mosque, Bagdad

Saudi Arabia

Ministry building in Riyadh

Public spaces and gardens:


Park and square of Vigo

Theatre and park of  Denia

Turia gardens, Valencia

Benidorm park

Sea front design, la Coruña

The Cataluña gardens

Ciutat Companys, Mollet

Begoña park, Bilbao

Lacua estate

Gasteizberri and Castro Novo, País Vasco

Ifema center


Port Marianne and Lez est ,Montpellier

Les Arcades du Lac and viaduct (Versalles district)

Puerto Rico

Urban restructuring, San Juan de Puerto Rico



Walden 7, Sant Just Desvern

Gaudí District, Reus

Tres Coronas apartments, Sitges

La Manzanera, Calpe


La Comella urbanization


Monchyplein, La Haya

Housing complex, Rotterdam


Bab el Sheick, Bagdad


Port Imperial, New Jersey

Publications / conferences

Has appeared in various specialized publications such as: ar, ad, record, etc.

He's also appeared as an invited guest in conferences in: Australia, South Africa, England, France, Holland, Scotland, etc.

Languages: english, spanish, french.