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Prague, Czech Republic

In 1963 Ricardo Bofill gathered a group of architects, engineers, planners, sociologist, writers, musicians, movie makers and philosophers, and founded Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, an international and multidisciplinary team dedicated to analyzing the problems of the city, its people and their relations; the design of alternative architecture, of regional-critical architecture revolutionized the XX century modern urbanism and architectural scene with revolutionary designs that became prototypes and unique icons across the world. Its spirit of research and investigation has been one of the continuous elements that has kept the team going for more than 40 years. The team's quest for creativity is a process through a maximum freedom and independence. This spirit is present in "the old cement factory", not far from Barcelona, our headquarters (awarded with the ciudad de Barcelona prize of architecture in 1980) rehabilitated and converted to accommodate our studio, the Taller de Arquitectura. "La Fábrica" has become a place for reflection, conception and development of many projects, books and publications. In this globalized and localized world, we offer our international experience, and our track-record of collaboration with local teams in each country where we have built great landmark projects. This work system allows for a combination of architectural local professionals with our team's talent and know how. The result is always a good economic return to the investor.

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