Linz, Austria, 2018

Beim Rundgang durch die 600 Quadratmeter große Halle bei eRecruiter treffen Werkstatt-Flair mit Rohbetondecke und sichtbaren Kabelkanälen...

4a Architekten

Thermal Spa Bad Dürkheim

Bad Dürkheim, Germany, 2024

Addition of a thermal pool area to the Salinarium aquatics centre: The new thermal spa will be immediately adjacent to the existing Salin...

4a Architekten

Indoor swimming pool Schwabach

Schwabach, Germany, 2024

New construction of an indoor swimming pool for school and club sports: On the site of the existing outdoor swimming pool "Parkbad", a ne...

4a Architekten

Indoor Swimming Pool Neutraubling

Neutraubling, Germany, 2023

New construction of an indoor aquatic centre for leisure and school sport: The ageing indoor baths serving the municipality of Neutraubli...

4a Architekten

Therme Lindau

Lindau, Germany, 2021

New construction of a sports and family spa with thermal baths and sauna facilities on the lake: Gently embedded in the landscape with it...

4a Architekten

Solebad Bad Wimpfen

Bad Wimpfen, Germany, 2021

Renovation and extension of Solebad in Bad Wimpfen: Together with a health clinic, hotel and entertainment hall, the saltwater baths form...

Gamisch Architekten GmbH

Neubau Dreifachsporthalle Campus Schwarzsee

Plaffeien, Switzerland, 2021-2023

Auf dem Campus Schwarzsee wird eine neue Dreifachturnhalle erstellt. Sie erweitert das bisherige Angebot und bietet Raum für die Ausbildu...

WAU Design

Canton House

Wuchuan, China, 2022

The project is located in the village of Wuyang Town in western Guangdong. The owners are the parents of the architect. They hope to buil...

Riegler Metallbau

Amisola Gebäude

Wien, Austria, 2018

Fabricatur – Liftverkleidung | Metall ist extrem vielseitig einsetzbar und seht für sehr hochwertige Anmutungen. Bei der Oberflächengesta...

Riegler Metallbau

BFI Bildungshaus

Linz, Austria, 2020

Herzstück dieses Projekts ist die Vorhangfassade, die dem Gebäude ein einzigartiges Gesicht verleiht. Bei dem Umbau nach dem Entwurf de...

de Winder Architekten

Carlsen Verlagscampus

Hamburg, Germany, 2021

In einem Industriegebäudekomplex im Hamburger Stadtbezirk Altona entstand im Mai 2021 eine neue Bürowelt für den Kinder- und Jugendbuchve...

Myefski Architects

Goose Island

Chicago, USA, 2019

Located on the North Branch of Chicago's Goose Island, the concept design for this 280,000 sf building involves the conversion of a forme...

Myefski Architects

Bodø Kommune

Bodø, Norway, 2015

Building on existing cultural and commercial assets in the city center, the award-winning Bodo Culture House is strategically designed to...

Myefski Architects

Guggenheim Museum

Helsinki, Finland, 2014

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation sought a design for a waterfront Guggenheim Museum with a year-round focus on culture and entertainm...

Myefski Architects

Riga Exposition Centre

Riga, Latvia, 2017

In an effort to provide sensational experiences for visitors, the Exhibition Centre sought to expand their facilities to include an audit...


b´mine Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt, Germany, 2022

Located between interstate highways and Frankfurt Airport, the business hotel b’mine Frankfurt Airport provides the opportunity of taking...

Myefski Architects

Royal Danish Theatre

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017

Located in the heart of a city surrounded by sea, the Royal Danish Theatre sought to combine the elements of land and water that make Cop...

Myefski Architects

National Concert Hall

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019

The placement of the theatre on top of a hill provides the ideal location for embracing the somewhat familiar sloped terrain in the archi...

Myefski Architects

Brake Point 26

Thessaloniki, Greece, 2020

Inspired by the stacked shipping container vernacular along the Port of Thessaloniki, Brake Point 26 creates a new urban experience both ...

Myefski Architects

Vilnius Connect

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2021

A celebration of old and new, of opacity and transparency, of structure and fluidity, the new Railway Station Complex, Central Station Sq...

Adrian Mäder

EFH Effretikon

Effretikon, Switzerland, 2022

BFK Architekten

Wolff & Müller Campus

Stuttgart, Germany, 2021

Ein Campus im Industriegebiet Mitten im Industriegebiet von Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen ist ein moderner Campus entstanden, der den Stammsitz...


Heungkuk Tower Busan

Busan, South Korea, 2021

Located in South Korea’s second most populous city Busan, the Heungkuk Tower serves as an office building and sits adjacent to the coastl...

lilin architekten

Umnutzung Zentrum Oberdorf

Affoltern a. A., Switzerland, 2022

Die Überbauung Zentrum Oberdorf wurde vor wenigen Jahren erstellt. Die im Edelrohbau belassene, rund 1‘000 m2 grosse Dienstleistungsfläch...

Wittman Estes

Blakely Island Retreat

San Juan Island Archipelago, USA, 2025

Situated in the San Juan Island Archipelago within the Salish Sea, this 1,700-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath home pays tribute to the...

Wittman Estes

Fire Station 67

Orange County , USA, 2022

Fire Station 67 is designed in direct response to the climate crisis and the related and increasing threat of California wildfires. The c...

Myefski Architects

Collective on 5th

Ann Arbor, USA, 2019

The Collective on 5th artfully integrates the streetscape, a public plaza, and the building structure. The 12,000 sf public plaza spans t...

Myefski Architects


Chicago, USA, 2018

Located above Beatrix in Chicago's West Loop, Aba is a rooftop oasis that features a large skylight and ample amounts of greenery, cultiv...

Myefski Architects

RPM Seafood

Chicago, USA, 2021

This four-level, 37,900 sf venue consists of two restaurant concepts, RPM Seafood and Pizzeria Portofino, as well as a 300-seat special e...

Myefski Architects

Pizzeria Portofino

Chicago, USA, 2021

Located along the Chicago Riverwalk, this grotto-inspired restaurant consists of indoor and outdoor dining areas with seating for 186 gue...

Myefski Architects

Christian Dior

Chicago, USA, 2019

This Christian Dior boutique is strategically located at the epicenter of Chicago’s high fashion shopping district. A fanciful star affix...

Myefski Architects


Chicago, USA, 2020

In association with Peter Marino Architects, Myefski Architects served as the Architect of Record for the design of a flagship store for ...

Myefski Architects


Champaign, USA, 2021

This 97,919 sf residential development is just steps from the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, Illinois. The program accommoda...

Myefski Architects

Hub Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, USA, 2018

This multi-unit residential development brings an unprecedented living experience to downtown Ann Arbor. Expertly modeled to infuse as mu...

Myefski Architects

Hub Madison

Madison, USA, 2015

The goal of this mixed-use, student-oriented development is to create a new state-of-the-art student residence tower with a vibrant stree...

Myefski Architects

Hub Gainesville

Gainesville, USA, 2021

The objective of this mixed-use development is to create a contemporary housing community with world-class amenities located among an ene...

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