Praxisarchitekten AG

Zentrum für Gefässmedizin

Baden - Dättwil, Switzerland, 2020

Die Praxis für Angiologie in Baden-Dättwil ist einer von vier Standorten des „Zentrums für Gefässmedizin“ und befindet sich im Attikagesc...

Durisch + Nolli

Ex Macello

Switzerland, 2020


Binta von Rönn , Flavia-Ioana Biianu , Julian Mönig , Lisa-Marie Kolbinger , Nina Wester , Samuel Reichl

Hortopie Jacobi

Berlin, Germany

Sustainable transformation of a former cemetery The project proposes a strategy for the sustainable and resilient transformation of form...

Charlotte Bitter , Jan Winkens

House as Recourse

Berlin, Germany

Experimental Volume 24,9m x 17,7m / 5 floors / Housing for ca. 30 people / Hamburg Material resources do not only exist in their natural...


Dachaufstockung 'room with a view'

Rüti ZH, Switzerland, 2020

Dachaufstockung und grundrissliche Ergänzung eines Wohnhauses in Holzbauweise. Die Erweiterung des Schlafgeschosses wurde auf einen beste...

Mauricio Gilbonio Bocanegra

Healing the City

Lima, Peru

Exploring the Spatial Determinants of Tuberculosis in the Slums of Lima The research outlines the possible relations between spatial cha...

Bernardita Marchant , Sebastian Mejias , Sebastian Quezada

Reconversion and recycling in the Central…

Talca, Chile

Three works to obtain the degree of architect at the School of architecture of the University of Talca. The three works that are part of...

Gonzalo Muñoz Guerrero

Where do boats lay to rest?

Puerto Gala, Chile

Sea cemetery for the fishermen of Puerto gala. The architecture of this project is nothing more than the drawing of the Chilean funeral ...

Anna Moroni

The Twelve Crowns

Zurich, Switzerland

Reuse and enhancement of twelve existing buildings for the University of Zürich Twelve anonymous buildings merged with the mass of const...

Nicolas Mourot

A chestnut cooperative in the Massif des Maures

La Garde-Freinet, France

An alternative method for wildfires The French Mediterranean basin witnesses numerous wildfires. Current methods result in the creation ...

Mariana Montag Ferreira

Jajja's House

Kampala, Uganda

Self-built housing for rural women Jajja's house is an emancipatory project of self-built housing for rural women. From first drawings t...

Miguel Carrasco

Dead space

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rethinking the Role of Cemeteries in Urban Contexts Urban cemeteries often represent a rupture in the tissue of contemporary cities. Exp...

Daniela Moro

Blurring the map

Curitiba, Brazil

A strategy to uncover concealed spatial narratives This graphic essay debates mapping the dual character of the City in its superimposed...

Matthew Jones

The Floating Embassy

Beijing, China

Scale as a tool to reframe, represent & reconstruct Beijing’s fragmented urban condition and society. The Floating embassy collates ...

Elias Bey

The Hamilton Ave Footbridge, Red Hook, New York…

New York City, USA

Striving for Urban Resilience, The Making of a Regenerative and Lively Connection Beyond Infrastructure This project aims to improve the...

Morgane Lahaye

Double exposure

Muntac, Switzerland

the complex layering of domesticity An intuitive, personal and narrative research* about a Swiss vernacular house, a family and the desi...

Yves Dupont


Hasselt, Belgium

A house for craftsmanship in Belgian Limburg The project concerns the establishment of a house for craftsmanship in Belgian Limburg, als...

Ludovic Gaffarel

The Post-Brexit customs

Rotterdam, Netherlands

An Infrastructure : Territorial - Intensity - Form At the end of the Rhine, on the periphery of Rotterdam, stands Hoek van Holland. Sinc...

Oliver Carter

Polyvalent Models

London, Great Britain

Programmatic adaptation with minimal modification In a measured response to the climate crisis, this submission addresses the use of gro...

Seva Yurchenko , Sonja Draskovic

Forensics of Grenfell

London, Great Britain

An Inquiry into the Ethics of Demolition The project analyses the photographic footage of the tragic event of the Grenfell Tower fire th...

Luca Petrányi

Vulnerable Architecture as Ephemeral Fossil

Gunung Merapi, Selo, Boyolali, Indonesia

A Ritual Tour on Merapi volcano Creating vulnerable architectural forms on purpose is equal with meaninglessness that is not on the pale...

Kateřina Průchová


Czech Republic

Dead and Alive This thesis is a proposition for the renewal of the human-landscape relationship. It deals with the specific landscape in...

Edvardas Bukota

Conditions and Contradictions on the Furka Pass

Furkapass, Switzerland

A never-ending transformation A landscape of hostility. A place of change. A space of contradiction. A structure of isolation and openne...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio


Barcelona, Spain, 2018

(IN)Material is a delicate light installation that explores the nature of light as an intangible matter, which reveals its presence and i...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Crossfit La Huella

Barcelona, Spain, 2019

Stage design for a sports brand launch event. Private event for members of the Club Crossfit la Huella, located in the heart of Barcelona...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Restaurant KHO

Barcelona, Spain, 2017

Asian restaurant in the heart of the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona. A project that reflects the personality of the owners, photograp...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Son Vida House

Islas Baleares, Spain, 2018

Luxury residential project, three levels with exterior areas and landscape design.

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Holmes Place Balmes_Gym

Barcelona, Spain, 2018

Exclusive sports club in the center of Barcelona. Basement level renovation in the Spinning room, Directed activities and Functional trai...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Holmes Place Balmes_Yoga Studio

Barcelona, Spain, 2018

This lighting and architectural proposal evokes typical concepts found on the philosophy of Yoga: fluidity, harmony and balance. The main...

Just / Burgeff Architects

Neue Mainzer 52

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2020

Für die Neukonzipierung der common areas einer amerikanischen Anwaltskanzlei haben wir durch die Entwicklung neuer Raumstrukturen und den...

Just / Burgeff Architects

mainBuilding Conference Center

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2020

Zentral gelegen, mitten im Bankenviertel und unweit der Innenstadt, eingebettet in die exklusive Gesamtanlage des mainBuildings, bietet d...

Just / Burgeff Architects

Allianz Future Lab

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2019

Für die Allianz Real Estate wurde ein Konzept für ein zukunftsfähiges und agiles Arbeiten implementiert. Entstanden ist ein Future LAB, w...


New Building of the Faculty of Social Work…

Ghent, Belgium, 2020

The new Building for the Faculty of Social Work (Building T) and the Sports Hall Extension at Kampus Schoonmeersen of University HOGENT i...

NBJ Architectes

Community of Communes of the Valley of Herault

Gignac, France, 2007

“Invitation to social interaction, respect of the heritage”. The landscape characteristics related to the site of installation of this n...

Bauwerk Perspektiven, Gerd Schaller

Stiftstadt Wohnen Kempten

Kempten, Germany, 2020

Eine Region, die sich im Hinblick auf Bevölkerungszuwachs auf der Überholspur befindet, ist das Allgäu. Ein konstantes Wirtschaftswachstu...

Hiroyuki Ito Architects

Uehara Apartment

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, 2018

It was requested to divide the plot of this apartment into two strips, which makes the space between two parallel volumes dark and monoto...

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