Atelier Frank Dittmann

Mobility of the Future – SBB

Lucerne, Switzerland, 2017

The four exhibition modules cover a wide range of topics, from the pioneering spirit of the early days to the development of rail travel,...

Architektur 6H

Tiefgarage Block J · BUGA Heilbronn 2019

Heilbronn, Germany, 2019

Die Bundesgartenschau 2019 und die einhergehende Stadtausstellung waren der Auftakt für das neue Stadtquartier am Neckarbogen in Heilbron...

Giovanni Vaccarini Architects


Russi, Italy, 2019

Bounded to the North-West by the final stretch of the Lamone river, crossed by the railway line that leads from Faenza to Ravenna, border...

Andri Cajos Architekten AG

Ersatzneubau Wohnüberbauung Schönauring

Zürich, Switzerland, 2021 - 2023

+Seelinger Architekten BDA

House K

Leipzig, Germany, 2004

House K in Leipzig is made to measure for the large musical family of a composer of modern music. The house was carefully integrated into...

lightsphere GmbH

Hotel Buchserhof

Buchs, Switzerland, 2020

The business and seminar hotel Buchserhof is located in the heart of the Rhyne Valley. With the expansion and conversation of the invitin...



Wien, Austria, 2020

Parkhaus für Oldtimer | Bei diesem Projekt dreht sich alles um Oldtimer-Fahrzeuge. Diese haben einen hohen finanziellen, aber auch kultur...


Haus M - Piusallee

Münster, Germany, 2021

Das Grundstück an der repräsentativen Piusallee liegt im Zentrum von Münster in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Hauptbahnhof. Entlang der baumbest...

+Seelinger Architekten BDA

Laminated Veneer Lumber Plant

Creuzburg, Germany, 2014

Laminated veneer timber made of beech was an innovative material for structural timber construction when it was launched in 2014. Compare...


Wohnen im Präsidentengarten

Münster, Germany, 2020

In dem ehemaligen Präsidentengarten der Oberpostdirektion Münster ist ein Wohngebäude mit 6 Geschossen und einem Untergeschoss sowie 33 E...


LWL Naturkundemuseum Münster

Münster, Germany, 2022

Das LWL-Naturkunde Museum in Münster mit angeschlossenem Planetarium aus den frühen 80er Jahren ist über die Region hinaus bekannt. Etwas...

+Seelinger Architekten BDA

Office Building / Headquarters

Creuzburg, Germany, 2001

For the employees of the head office in Creuzburg (Thuringia), the construction of a new administration building was intended to create o...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Southern California Flower Market

Los Angeles, USA, 2022

The Flower Market was founded in 1909, by Japanese-American flower growers, and harkens back to a time when the city had a significant ag...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Kansa-Tai Residential Tower

Shenzhen, China, 2022

The 122 meter (430 foot) tall, 582-unit, 32 story concrete tower is located in the central business district of Shenzhen. Drawing inspir...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Y4 Boutique Hotel

Chengdu, China, 2021

Y4 Boutique Hotel is a small 24 room luxury hotel. It features a world class wine bar and tasting room, a 5 star restaurant and bar, priv...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Metalsa Center for Manufacturing Innovation

Monterrey, Mexico, 2014

Metalsa SA began as a family-owned company, founded by Guillermo Zambrano Gutierrez in 1956 that manufactures chassis and structural body...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Mennello Museum of Art

Orlando, USA, 2022

The Mennello Museum’s design is both futuristic and timeless. The design mirrors the objective of the artwork inside: It tells a story an...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Art & Culture Center

Hollywood, USA, 2021

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, in partnership with the City of Hollywood, is currently engaged in the development phase for the co...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Chadwick Aquatic and Wellness Center

Palos Verdes, USA, 2022

A new replacement High school competition swimming pool located on a hillside. The new complex includes a 75' x 125' pool, locker rooms a...

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

AWS Quantum Computing Lab at Caltech

Pasadena, USA, 2021

A 25,000 square foot research and development facility for scientists and engineers seeking to develop future quantum computing technolog...

PONT12 architectes sa


Lausanne, Switzerland, 2020

88 logements pour une coopérative d’habitation. Ce quartier situé dans les hauts de Lausanne est conçu pour une coopérative participativ...


Lanserhof at The Arts Club

London, Great Britain, 2019

In einem der ältesten Privatclubs Londons haben der Lanserhof und The Arts Club ein exklusives Medical Gym untergebracht. Auf sechs Etag...

Vogel Architekten

Sanierung Altstadthaus Rheinfelden

Rheinfelden, Switzerland, 2021

Wettbewerbsziel war die Modernisierung der Liegenschaft damit Laden und Wohnungen wieder an Attraktivität gewinnen. Die Sanierungsarbeite...

Giovanni Vaccarini Architects


Craterre, France, 2020

The idea is to design a stadium that comes from nature and can be converted back into nature. A stadium/park that turns into a green ...

Fischer Architekten AG

Uraniastrasse 9, Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland, 2020

Das Geschäftshaus an der Uraniastrasse 9, das im Erdgeschoss die Brasserie Lipp und im Turm die Sternwarte beherbergt, ist Teil der von G...

+Seelinger Architekten BDA


Aschaffenburg, Germany, 2007

In 2007 the third woodwork factory of the export-oriented medium-sized company was opened in Aschaffenburg. Thanks to numerous production...

SRG Partnership

Edward J. Ray Hall

Bend, USA, Fall 2021 (est.)

The new 50,000 gsf STEAM building on the growing Oregon State University - Cascades campus in Bend, Oregon will serve as the prototype fo...


Firmenzentrale und Logistik Hoch

Steinach, Germany, 2014

Die HOCH Baumaschinen GmbH wurde 1997 von Mathias Hoch im badischen Steinach (Kinzigtal) gegründet. Seit dieser Zeit hat sich das junge U...


Spa Pavilion

Hinterbrühl , Austria, 2020

In Austria, the catchall marketing phrase for a basement hotel spa decorated with palm trees and neon lights is a “wellness temple”. Here...

Atelier Right Hub

Mirror Cube Hair Salon

Hangzhou, China, 2020

With consumption upgrade in China driving iteration of commercial scenes, Atelier right hub, a Chinese design studio which excels at reor...

Georg Döring

Two-family house in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2021

Mass and Elegance | A three storey family house with two units, each with its own entrance, closes itself to the heavily trafficked stree...

+Seelinger Architekten BDA

Guesthouse with landscape park

Creuzburg, Germany, 2008

One of the most efficient hardwood sawmills in Europe, a laminated veneer lumber plant and the client's headquarter are located at Creuzb...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG

Schloss Spa — Schloss Hotel Fleesensee

Fleesensee, Germany, 2016

Guests can look forward to generous SPA and wellness facilities at the hotel and sports resort Fleesensee. The hotel’s own SPA, equipped ...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG

Hotel Indigo

Dresden, Germany, 2018

Dresden’s unique character takes on a new dimension. The design approach is based on uniting the two contrasting faces of Dresden. The Ho...


Kiyota ryokan

Toyama, Japan, 2019

SRG Partnership

Knight Cancer Research Building

Portland, USA, 2018

The Oregon Health & Science University’s Knight Cancer Research Building champions team science in its quest to be one of the premier...

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