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Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

community church knarvik

OYO Architects

Mobility House

Brussels, Belgium, 2018

A dynamic and timeless platform where innovation is central and where one can discover tomorrow's mobility. A leading, attractive place t...

Giuliani Hönger Architekten

Erweiterung Bahnhof Stadelhofen, Zürich

Switzerland, 2035

Vom Bellevue-, über den Stadelhoferplatz und das Bahnhofsgebäude bis zum Gleis 4 wird eine öffentliche Raumfolge ausgebildet. Eine unteri...

OYO Architects

Masterplan Olivierstadium 3.0

Knokke, Belgium, 2017

A clear and readable strategy and structure for the design of the different buildings will create a unique identity for the whole complex...

Berchtold.Lenzin Landschaftsarchitekten

Neubau Laurpark

Brugg, Switzerland, 2013

Wettbewerb 2009; Die Neuordnung der benachbarten Parzellen der Stadt Brugg und des Schweizerischen Bauernverbandes ermö...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur

European Hansemuseum

Lübeck, Germany, 2015

The open space reflects the complex superimpositions, the layering of time, in a minimalist way. The rooms have a simple appearance and a...

Nightnurse Images

Competition Entry "Charlotte" for Housing…

Lucerne, Switzerland, 2023

The client, housing association Geissenstein EBG, has awarded Blättler Dafflon Architects the commssion for a project to build two new bu...

Matthieu Gafsou Photography

Neo Apostolic Church

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2019

OYO Architects

Agristo Headquarters

Wielsbeke, Belgium, 2018

OYO won the invited competition to design and build the new offices for Agristo. People are placed at the heart of Agristo's new home ref...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur

Grasbrookpark HafenCity

Hamburg, Germany, 2013

The Grasbrookpark in HafenCity Hamburg is a versatile, green play park, one of Hamburg's most popular parks. The gentle modeling of the t...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur

Urban development VIERTEL ZWEI Plus

Vienna, Austria, 2017

Since its completion in 2009/2010, VIERTEL ZWEI has been one of the most successful housing projects in Vienna and an example of perfect ...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur


Hamburg, Germany, 2015

Simple elegance and green poetry characterise the Sophienterrassen quarter next to the Außenalster Lake in Hamburg. In this area, which w...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur

Industrial Park Sports Center

Suzhou, China, 2017

The interplay of architecture and landscape architecture gives the Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Centre a unique design that is full of c...

schibliholenstein architekten sia fsai

wohnhaus redingstrasse

Zürich, Switzerland, 2016

NAOI architecture & design office

House in Tsukuba

Ibaraki, Japan, 2019

NAOI architecture & design office

Hotel CEN

TOKYO, Japan, 2019


TN4 Townhomes

Memphis, USA, 2015

As a measure to continue to bring desirable and unique residences to the South Main and South Bluffs community in Memphis, four new townh...


Memphis Teacher Residency

Memphis, USA, 2017

A faith-based, non-profit organization required a new space for recruitment, training, and supporting teachers through an urban teacher r...

.MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH


Wien, Austria, 2019

Cooles inklusives WG-Loft für Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung.

Matthieu Gafsou Photography

Salle polyvalente, Le Vaud

Le Vaud, Switzerland, 2017

Matthieu Gafsou Photography

MCBA Lausanne (Plateforme10)

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2019

Archisphere. Gabriel Kacerovsky ZT GmbH

Balance Resort Stegersbach

Stegersbach, Austria, 2017

gasser, derungs

Umbau / Sanierung Einfamilienhaus, Küsnacht

Switzerland, 2019

An exponierter, sonniger Lage über dem Zürichsee konnte das Team von Gasser, Derungs ein mehr als siebzig Jahre altes Einfamilienhaus vol...

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

Ein neuer Stadtteil für Prag

Prag, Czech Republic, 2025

Die Immobilie Ähnlich anderen europäischen Hauptstädten werden zentrale Bahnhofareale für eine intensive Immobilienentwicklung genutzt. I...


Centro de las Artes de Verín

Verín, Spain, 2018

¿Great home or small town? Arts center of Verin provides the intimacy of a home and the heterogeneity of a town. The initial approach of...


De Vinos y Viandas

Valladolid, Spain, 2018

The concept of this space comes from the searching of a well-known world which is the wine and its sales spaces. In our imaginary there a...

Patrick Schiller Architektur

HA14 Einfamilienhaus

Schurwald, Germany, 2017

Das Baugrundstück befindet sich auf dem Schurwald einem Höhenzug parallel zum Albtrauf mit einer hervorragenden Sicht auf das Albvorland ...



Spain, 2018

Beginning with the establishment of the Goodman Offices Project in Spain, we found an open space, where the nucleus of the toilets, the s...


Big and Tiny

Los Ángeles, USA, 2018

Launched in July 2018, Big and Tiny is a unique enrichment space in Santa Monica that fosters productivity, creativity, and community fo...


M4 House

Torrelodones, Spain, 2017

M4 House is the result of the rupture of the pure volumes regarding a strict sense of orientation. Located at the top of the land, you...



Tenerife, Spain, 2018

The project embraces different proceedings in a hotel resort located in the southern area of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. In a 105...



Madrid, Spain, 2018

The project consists in building a house inside of a house, which means that it is more similar to the process of building a single-famil...


Nuilea Day Spa

Madrid, Spain, 2018

The project has been finished in 2018, it is situated in a centric neighborhood of Madrid. The program consists of a mixed use of shop sp...


Balcón de la Bahía

Santander, Spain, 2018

The project is carried out in a building located in one of the most emblematic avenues of Santander and enjoys a privileged location with...


Zooco Santander

Santander, Spain, 2019

The place is located in a corner and it has two facades with a strong rhythm of windows with a semicircular top shape. This gives the spa...


La Hermosa de Alba

Santander, Spain, 2018

The Project is situated in Tetuan Street in Santander. It is one of the main spots of the gastronomy activity in the whole city where the...

Patrick Schiller Architektur

WE14 Einfamilienhaus

über der Fils, Germany, 2017

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