Evolution Design

Sberbank Headquarters in Moscow

Moscow, Russia, 2020

Swiss architectural and design practice Evolution Design, in partnership with Russian architectural office T+T Architects, has developed ...

Rosso Acoustic

Rohde & Schwarz

Hannover, Germany, 2017

The former Hanomag site in Hanover now houses the new offices of Rohde & Schwarz, a German technology company. The building was constru...

Evolution Design

6280.CH Coworking Hub

Hochdorf, Switzerland, 2019

6280.CH coworking hub is a new venture of Swiss furniture maker Novex whose former factory is located in a picturesque village of Hochdor...

Rosso Acoustic

Ströer News Publishing GmbH

Berlin, Germany, 2017

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA is a digital multi-channel media organisation that provides its customers with all-round solutions along the entire ...

czerner göttsch architekten

Innovatives Wohnquartier Buchenhof - Eden

Hamburg- Iserbrook, Germany, 2011

In «Das Prinzip Hoffnung» hat Eugen Bloch seine Hoffnungen zu einem neuen Mensch- Natur-Verhältnis ausgedrückt. Dies ist der Leigedanke f...

Nemesi Studio

Palazzo Italia - Italy Pavilion Expo 2015

Milan, Italy, 2015

DESIGN OF THE ITALY PAVILION The design chosen for the Italy Pavilion was the winning project in an international competition adjudicate...


Framing Terrain and Water: Quzhou Luming Park

Quzhou City, China, 2015

1. Project Statement: On a site surrounded by dense new urban development, the landscape architect created a dynamic urban park by inc...


Jinhua Yanweizhou Park

Jinhua City, China, 2014

1 Project Statement Water resilient terrain and plantings are designed to adapt to the monsoon floods; A resilient bridge and paths syst...


The paediatric centre of Emergency NGO in Port…

Port Sudan, Sudan, 2012

The project, since its start, had a particular history. It was the result of an art prize, funded by the award of the International MAXXI...


Tianjin Qiaoyuan Park

Tianjin City, China, China, 2008

China has a unique opportunity as a rapidly developing country to begin implementing sustainable landscape design in order to protect the...


Turning Gray into Green : Meishe River…

Haikou City, China, 2016

1. Project Statement: For decades, China’s Haikou City has suffered flood due to the monsoon climate, and water pollution caused by sewag...


Shanghai Houtan Park

Shanghai, China, 2010

1 Project Statement Built on a brownfield of a former industrial site, Houtan Park is a regenerative living landscape on Shanghai’s Huang...


The Red Ribbon — Tanghe River Park

Qinhuangdao City, China, 2006

Project Statement: The Minimum Intervention Approach to Urban Greenway Against a background of natural terrain and vegetation, is a “red...


Zhongshan Shipyard Park

Zhongshan City, China, 2002

Zhongshan Shipyard Park covers eleven hectares (twenty-seven acres) in Zhongshan in Guangdong Province. It is built on the site of an aba...


Performative & Productive: Chengtoushan…

Changde City, China, 2016

1.Project Statement Hidden in a remote and poor rural region for decades, the Chengtoushan Archaeological site was rediscovered through ...


Sponge Greenway: Ningbo Eastern New Town…

Ningbo City, China, 2016

The Sponge Greenway was built upon a typical post-industrial site with degraded ecological function that was slated to become part of a n...

CM Design

Village In The City - Lane In The Village:…

Shenzhen, China, 2017

"10.Creative Drink"is an commercial shop renovation project after the "T.LOFT Concept Experience Museum" located in urban village at Futi...


Qinhuangdao Beach Restoration: An Ecological…

Qinhuangdao, China, 2008

The beach is located along the Bohai Sea shoreline of Qinhuangdao city, a touristic coastal city in North China’s Hebei Province, 6.4 kil...


Tongnan Dafosi Wetland Park

Chongqing City, China, 2019

Tongnan Dafosi Wetland Park is located on the banks of Fu River in the central area of Tongnan District in Chongqing. It is an oasis in t...


The Big Dig -- The Boston Chinatown Park

Boston, USA, 2005

Boston, Massachusetts had a world-class traffic problem. The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority constructed a solution, called the Central ...


Seattle Hing Hay park

Seattle, USA, 2017

The Gateway design of Hing Hay Park is inspired by the traditional carving and crafting technique from different ethnic groups as the ove...


Revitalizing Kazan’s Prime Waterfront, Russia

Kazan, Russia, 2015

1 Project Statement Through prudent transformative landscape interventions, the deserted prime waterfront of Kazan City at Kaban Lake ha...

czerner göttsch architekten

Schwimmbad Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany, 2019

Wettbewerbspreis 2019 für eine Sportschwimmhalle und ein medizinisches Versorgungszentrum auf dem Otto-Runki-Platz in Leipzig für das Pla...


Suqian Santaishan Flower Field

Suqian, China, 2015

In a new urban development district, a park, called Santai Shan Forest Park, was planned as a catalyst to transform the poorly managed su...


A Mother River Recovered: Qian'an Sanlihe…

Qian’an, China, 2010

Project Statement The Qian'an Sanlihe Greenway is transformed from the former garbage dump and sewage drainage. It exemplifies how a negl...


Slow Down: Liupanshui Minghu Wetland Park

Liupanshu, China, 2013

1 Project Statement Through a series of regenerative design techniques, particularly measures to slow down the flow of storm-water, a ch...


The Mei Garden: Poetic and Picturesque Ecology

Jinhua, China, 2013

1.Project statement This project uses cut-and-fill strategy to create a constructed wetland that cleans eutrophic water and restores nat...


New parish complex Resurrection of our Lord

Viareggio, Italy, 2019

The construction of the new parish complex in the Varignano district has been completed in Viareggio, It replaces a pre-existing building...


Building A Greenway: Puyangjiang River Corridor

Jinhua , China, 2016

1. Project Statement A degraded 10 mile long river corridor, covering an area of 484 acres is ecologically recovered and transformed int...


The Floating Gardens -- Yongning River Park

Taizhou , China, 2004

In July 2002, Taizhou City asked the landscape architect to design a 21-hectare park along the Yongning River, the mother river of the hi...

Rosso Acoustic

TeamViewer Headquarter

Göppingen, Germany, 2014

The TeamViewer software enterprise has opened up its new headquarters in the heart Göppingen. An open space concept was realized for arou...

Rosso Acoustic


Niederndorf, Austria, 2018

BORA stands for innovative kitchen extractor technology: since 2007, the company has provided extractor systems that do not require a hoo...

Rosso Acoustic


Stuttgart, Germany, 2019

weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh. and ORANGE BLU, two established architectural offices in Stuttgart, wanted to cooperate in enlarging their ...

hcreates interior design

The Broken Dagger

Shanghai , China, 2020

Nestled between a hairdresser and a hot pot restaurant on an otherwise typical Shanghai street, a large mural artwork has emerged. Spanni...

hcreates interior design

The Riff

Hong Kong, China, 2020

For an international city at pace with the world’s best, Hong Kong was missing an internationally recognized home of comedy. Extruded hig...

CM Design


China, 2018


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