7172 Möbelsystem

Germany, 2017

7172 ist ein modulares Möbelsystem aus Holz, das neben Beistelltischen, Bänken und Sideboards vor allem Regale und Raumtrennelemente für ...


5DECO Restaurant

Żary, Poland, 2017

Zum 25-jährigen Bestehen der polnischen SWISS KRONO Produktionsstätte in Żary entstand das neue Mitarbeiterrestaurant 5DECO. Interior Des...

Findlay McFarlane

Blotting Ornithologics

Kolkata, India

The Calcutta Institute of Aviculture Blotting Ornithologics, through a new educational institution, harnesses the avicultural wisdom fou...

Gaia Crocella


Umeå, Sweden

A social platform for integration through food and hosting Interdine is an action-research project that responds to the current refugee ...

Patrick Roegiers


Amsterdam, Netherlands

An opportunity to improve social networks by making use of in-between spaces. An improved network for homeless in Amsterdam by programmi...

Nina Beck

in virtue of time

Jhenaigati, Bangladesh

a social project in northern Bangladesh The project focuses on the design of a trainingcenter and a dormitory for students from ethnic m...

Anna Penso , Caterina Dubini


Valparaíso, Chile

Meta-planning and settlement practices in Valparaiso, Chile The main theme of the work, which characterizes both the analytical and the ...

Chiara Catani


Shirè, Ethiopia

From camp to city, from shelter to Home Is there an alternative to the infinite multitude of tents that make up the typical image of a r...

Michele Mazzoleni

San Giovanni Bianco after the quarries

Bergamo, Italy

A landscape restoration in the extraction areas The project is an architectural and landscape restoration of a marble quarries in Bremba...

hcreates interior design

Luneurs le garde-manger

Shanghai, China, 2020

Luneurs have rapidly expanded their loyal customer base since their first baked treats delighted customers at their experimental bakery l...

Áron Baki


Budapest, Hungary

Necropolis Embedded in the City The project revisits the archetype of the Necropolis, where the conventional - and somewhat commodified ...

Foteini Kallikouni

Riverside Archipelago

Arta Region, Greece

A strategic design for three Arachthus Riverscapes Riverside Archipelago is a utopian landscape strategy about managing the uncontrolled...


Golden Ribbon

Graz, Austria, 2018

The redesign focuses on returning the space to its architectural roots, while implementing reductive contemporary additions in harmonious...

Eleni Galani , Olympia Kokkorou


Thessaloniki, Greece

NINE TIMES NINE TIMES NINE Illustrations and other forms of documentation show our various experiments that act as tools for exploring t...

Ophélie Dozat

The wall as a paradigm of the territory

Aurillac, France

A project for the Landscape « The wall as a paradigm of the territory » investigates the construction of the landscape by considering th...

Tuuli Kanerva

Wilderness Atelier in Vilniemi

Lohja, Finland

A new artists residence for the Union of Finnish Art Associations The new artists residence reacts to the place of a demolished early 20...

María Martínez Morón

Silk Skin City

Varanasi/Benares, India

A women's cooperative dedicated to Silk Crafts Silk-Skin City carries out research on the possible contributions of Architecture to the ...

Alberto Ballesteros Barea

Paths that life does not erase

San Sebastián, Spain

Conversion of a factory into a cemetery Routine procedures currently deprive final moments of significance, deteriorating mourning custo...

Francis Alberto, Almonte Carrasco

CO- Building Communities

Madrid, Spain

Intergenerational Cooperative Residential Centre: cohousing, coliving, coworking The project studies the new ways of living, understandi...

Cameron Clarke

Close to Home

Beijing, China

Neighbourhood Strategies for Bejing's Urban Psychiatric Care Close to Home' is a speculative architectural and research project which in...


Abdul Latif Jameel Investments

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2016

Abdul Latif Jameel Investments Head Office The interior architecture and space planning for the new Abdul Latif Jameel Investments offic...

Praxisarchitekten AG

Zentrum für Gefässmedizin

Baden - Dättwil, Switzerland, 2020

Die Praxis für Angiologie in Baden-Dättwil ist einer von vier Standorten des „Zentrums für Gefässmedizin“ und befindet sich im Attikagesc...

Durisch + Nolli

Ex Macello

Switzerland, 2020


Binta von Rönn , Flavia-Ioana Biianu , Julian Mönig , Lisa-Marie Kolbinger , Nina Wester , Samuel Reichl

Hortopie Jacobi

Berlin, Germany

Sustainable transformation of a former cemetery The project proposes a strategy for the sustainable and resilient transformation of form...

Charlotte Bitter , Jan Winkens

House as Recourse

Berlin, Germany

Experimental Volume 24,9m x 17,7m / 5 floors / Housing for ca. 30 people / Hamburg Material resources do not only exist in their natural...


Dachaufstockung 'room with a view'

Rüti ZH, Switzerland, 2020

Dachaufstockung und grundrissliche Ergänzung eines Wohnhauses in Holzbauweise. Die Erweiterung des Schlafgeschosses wurde auf einen beste...

Mauricio Gilbonio Bocanegra

Healing the City

Lima, Peru

Exploring the Spatial Determinants of Tuberculosis in the Slums of Lima The research outlines the possible relations between spatial cha...

Bernardita Marchant , Sebastian Mejias , Sebastian Quezada

Reconversion and recycling in the Central…

Talca, Chile

Three works to obtain the degree of architect at the School of architecture of the University of Talca. The three works that are part of...

Gonzalo Muñoz Guerrero

Where do boats lay to rest?

Puerto Gala, Chile

Sea cemetery for the fishermen of Puerto gala. The architecture of this project is nothing more than the drawing of the Chilean funeral ...

Anna Moroni

The Twelve Crowns

Zurich, Switzerland

Reuse and enhancement of twelve existing buildings for the University of Zürich Twelve anonymous buildings merged with the mass of const...

Nicolas Mourot

A chestnut cooperative in the Massif des Maures

La Garde-Freinet, France

An alternative method for wildfires The French Mediterranean basin witnesses numerous wildfires. Current methods result in the creation ...

Mariana Montag Ferreira

Jajja's House

Kampala, Uganda

Self-built housing for rural women Jajja's house is an emancipatory project of self-built housing for rural women. From first drawings t...

Miguel Carrasco

Dead space

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rethinking the Role of Cemeteries in Urban Contexts Urban cemeteries often represent a rupture in the tissue of contemporary cities. Exp...

Daniela Moro

Blurring the map

Curitiba, Brazil

A strategy to uncover concealed spatial narratives This graphic essay debates mapping the dual character of the City in its superimposed...

Matthew Jones

The Floating Embassy

Beijing, China

Scale as a tool to reframe, represent & reconstruct Beijing’s fragmented urban condition and society. The Floating embassy collates ...

Elias Bey

The Hamilton Ave Footbridge, Red Hook, New York…

New York City, USA

Striving for Urban Resilience, The Making of a Regenerative and Lively Connection Beyond Infrastructure This project aims to improve the...

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