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Kinderheim Brugg

Brugg, Switzerland, 2010

Das Kinderheim Brugg bietet Kindern mit auffälligem Sozial-, Lern- oder Arbeitsverhalten Wohngruppen und Schulräume. 2010 wurde das Ensem...

bbz landschaftsarchitekten


Kelsterbach, Germany, 2014

Das ehemalige Firmengelände der ENKA-Werke bietet der Stadt Kelsterbach die Möglichkeit sich in direkter Nähe zum Stadtzentrum und zum S-...

bbz landschaftsarchitekten

Seequartier AGGLOlac

Biel-Nidau, Switzerland, seit 2015

Der neu entwickelte Stadtrand stellt eine Verbindung zwischen der Siedlung im Westen und dem Quartier ‚Neustadt Süd‘, östlich der Zihl he...



Beijing, China, 2014

Representing the image of the company using a single large volume, cultivating the brand message of a leading enterprise from the archite...

phalt Architekten

Restaurant Alter Tobelhof

Zürich, Switzerland, 2016

Über mehr als fünf Jahrhunderte ist der "Alte Tobelhof" mit seinen fünf Gebäuden zu einem Weiler gewachsen. Die umfassende Instandsetzung...

Julien Lanoo

Poissy Galore by HHF and AWP

Carrières-sous-Poissy, Paris, France, 2016

The series of buildings and pavilions are part of a new 113 hectare large public green space along the Seine river. The steel structure o...

DGJ Architecture

Gstad electrical sub-station

Zollikon, Switzerland, 2007

This infrastructural building is located in a residential area in Zollikon, southeast of Zurich. The building is integrated into the land...

DGJ Landscapes

Van Gogh Garden

Appeltern, Netherlands, 2015

The Netherlands' largest and most beautiful Garden Idea Park - Appeltern chose a design of DGJ as Hommage to Vincent van Gogh. ...


Memphis Botanic Garden - Live at the Garden

Memphis, TN, USA, 2014

A botanic garden, comprised of themed garden areas and support buildings, cultivated an outdoor concert series using temporary facilities...

DGJ Landscapes

Gstad electrical sub-station

Zollikon, Switzerland, 2007

This infrastructural building is located in a residential area in Zollikon, southeast of Zurich. The building is integrated into the land...

DGJ Landscapes

Spiral House Pigniu

Pigniu/Panix, Switzerland, 2004

The village Pigniu at 1300 meters above sea in the Surselva Region of Graubünden province, above the Town Ilanz. The House above the...


Sharon Fields

Clifton Forge, USA, 2015

The Sharon Fields are the second and final phase of a Little League Baseball and Softball complex serving boys and girls from age 3 to 18...


Sharon Fieldhouse

Clifton Forge, USA, 2014

The Sharon Fieldhouse sits on a hillside defined by a series of terraced baseball fields. It marks the land as a linear incision that cut...

LWPAC - Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture


Vancouver, Canada

MONAD_V : Platforms for Life Monad is a generative technology systems platform for integrated adaptable mixed use housing for the sustain...


Smith Creek Pedestrian Bridge

Covington, USA, 2013

The project is situated in the economically strained Virginia rail town of Clifton Forge. It is the 2nd phase of the redevelopment of a p...


Masonic Amphitheatre

Clifton Forge, USA, 2012

The project consists of the complete redevelopment of a post-industrial brownfield into a public park and performance space. The idea dri...


Covington Farmers Market

Covington, USA, 2011

During the fall semester, the students spent a number of weeks studying existing Farmers Markets around Virginia – which they visit...

stalzerlutz gartenarchitektur

Lichtung im Wienerwald

Wienerwald, Austria, 2016

Am Rande des Wienerwalds entstand ein Wohnhaus von Architekt Claus Radler. Das Gebäude mit einer ebenso eleganten wie zurückhal...



Halde Duhamel, Ensdorf, Germany, 2016

The Saarpolygon is an icon for the profound change which the industrial region of the Saarland experienced since the cessation of coal mi...

Aebi & Vincent

Wohnüberbauung Labo Golette

Meyrin, Switzerland, 2016

Die Anlage der beiden Wohngebäude ist durch die Linien und Volumen der bestehenden Baukörper im Quartier ebenso bestimmt wie du...

Karin Standler


Vienna, Austria

EUROGATE 2050: URBAN QUALITY comes from URBAN DESIGN How do we design a new Vienna district for 2...


Hellwinkel Terraces

Wolfsburg, Germany, 2020

The design for the residential development is based on two local boundary conditions: first, the scenic and imposing forest edge in the s...


Muelle Uno

Málaga, Spain, 2011

In recent years Malaga has lived with its back to the sea, thanks to maritime activity that has kept the port off limits. This la...


Rock Cut Architecture: Amarnath Caves

Amarnath, India

One of the most pious and perilous of Hindu pilgrimages, the ‘Amarnath ji yatra’ is situated at a height of 3888 m, a...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Subtracted Garden

London, Great Britain, 2008

The location is Notting Hill, London, UK. Nagasaki created the garden of the Freeman residence. It was originally a rear courtyard garden...

Veech x Veech Architects

Ambient Twist Studio and Broadcast Facilities

Vienna, Austria, 2009

Employing conventional materials in unconventional ways, Veech x Veech delivered a visually high-impact TV studio in a tight time frame b...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Ambiguous Space

Tokyo, Japan, 2000

This balcony garden in the middle of Tokyo city was created to reflect the simple and natural lifestyle of the clients who requested a ga...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree


Tokyo, Japan, 2005

Seeds exhibition represented seeds of wild imagination that inspired by my garden works.

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Garden without Direction

Tokyo, Japan, 2006

A young client in a newly built house in the outskirts of Tokyo invited Nagasaki to complete their small courtyard garden. A drainage pro...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Form of Place Project

Kanagawa, Japan, 2007

The site at Hayama contained strong historical and emotional context. When it came to designing the Landscape, it was crucial that these ...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Black Soil and Hexagon Garden

Kanagawa, Japan, 2007

Oiso in Kanagawa prefecture is the coastal town full of nature with a shallow sea. While the housing development has progressed with gard...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Paradise Lost

London, Great Britain, 2010

London, UK 20.02㎡

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Homogenous Garden

New Delhi, India, 2012

Location: L-residence, Farm, New Delhi, India Description: Circuit style garden Total area: 5 acres (20,234m2) Desig...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

818 Garden

Makati City, Manila, Philippines, 2013

This is a project in Manila in the Philippines, a country consisting of some 7,000 islands. A hot climate was expected, but it took us a ...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Garden with Cloud and Mount

Yamagata, Japan, 2014

This is a project in Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture. A spatial design, taking advantage of the geography, was required for a garden of...

Takeshi Nagasaki / N-tree

Garden in Mejiro

Tokyo, Japan, 2014

This was a reconstructed garden created around a young Fuji weeping cherry tree along with the renovation of an old house in the quiet re...

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