atelier zürich

Casino Bern

Bern, Switzerland, 2019

atelier zürich

White Marmot Corviglia

St. Moritz, Switzerland, 2017

atelier zürich

Lindt Home of Chocolate

Kilchberg, Switzerland, 2020

Forbo-Giubiasco SA

White Marmot Restaurant St. Moritz

St.Moritz, Switzerland, 2018

Gipfelstürmer Flotex Vision Gehobene Gastronomie in luftiger Höhe mit stylischen Ambiente: Das „White Marmot“ im Skigebiet Corviglia bei...


Sanierung Bergrestaurant Lägern Hochwacht

Regensberg, Switzerland, 2020


Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Tea house in Atami

Atami, Shizuoka, Japan, 2019

We were approached by a retired couple to design a tea house, which is a small building of about 60 square meters. The site is located a ...


New York Bar

Berlin, Germany, 2020

Structural and material remodeling of a hotel bar. The New York Bar shows the remodeling of the former bar of the Estrel Hotel in Berlin ...

Ross Barney Architects

McDonald’s Disney Flagship

Orlando, USA, 2020

The McDonald’s Flagship – Disney aims to become the first Net Zero Energy quick service restaurant and in doing so represents McDonald’s ...

Büro Korb GmbH

Das James

Flensburg, Germany, 2020

The “Das James” was opened in July 2020 as a 4 star plus hotel on an old naval base situated right on the Flensburg Fjord. The existing b...

Cushing Terrell

G5 Brewing Company

Beloit, USA, 2019

For the Gundersons, the G5 Brewing Company is a legacy project that celebrates family and the places they call home. Melding aspects of M...


Bar Blau

Stuttgart, Germany, 2018

A small, whitewashed blue house marks the entrance of the bar strikingly and at the same time reservedly. Via three steps and a wooden...

Aaron Neubert Architects


Los Angeles, USA, 2019

Project Description: Hinterhof is a German restaurant, bar and beer garden in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. ...


Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

Wien, Austria, 2019

Prince Eugene of Savoy, a true cosmopolitan and patron of the arts, inspired the latest hotel project in the luxury & lifestyle categ...

Lindner Group

The Fontenay

Hamburg, Germany, 2018

Perfect shaped elegance – The Luxury hotel The Fontenay shines in a white, sweeping ceramic facade. In the spirit of Hanseatic underst...

Roland Baldi Architects

italia&amore Ristorante Mercato Enoteca

Bolzano, Italy, 2017

The restoration work involved the entire building with the flagship store extending over five floors.Each floor featuring a different atm...

BWM Architekten

Gasthaus Figlmüller Bäckerstraße

Vienna, Austria, 2020

A new take on a traditional restaurant. BWM Architekten redesigned the iconic Figlmüller Restaurant in Vienna’s Bäckerstrasse as well ...


Brasserie Verkehrshaus Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland, 2020


Peiquan Ma, Yuan Liu, Jing Cheng, Yuxuan Liang, Zi'ang Li

The Wall - Children’s Teaching Restaurant

Xiamutang village, Ji 'an city, China, 2019

This project was built in 2019 by AHO`s Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) and Architecture School of Tianjin University. It is located...

mei architects and planners


Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2023

Commissioned by Nice Developers & Era Contour, Mei architects and planners is designing "SAWA": a unique wooden residential building ...

rosconi GmbH

Lucy Bar at Belvedere 21

Wien, Austria, 2020

Lucy Bar at Belvedere 21. Austrian architect Gregor Eichinger designed Luca Bar at Belvedere 21 in the spirit of his colleague Karl Sc...

BWM Architekten

Confectionery Oberlaa Townhouse Leyserstraße 2

Vienna, Austria, 2020

A gem on Vienna’s Neuer Markt square. BWM Architekten – in collaboration with A2K Architekten – have transformed the town house in whi...

BWM Architekten

Sacher Eck Wien

Wien, Austria, 2017

Zukunft mit Herkunft. Für die wohl berühmteste Torte der Welt, die Original Sacher-Torte, galt es ein angemessenes Ambiente zu schaffen –...

Graham Baba Architects

Alaska Airlines Flagship Lounge - Sea-Tac North…

USA, 2019

At the Alaska Airlines Flagship Lounge in SeaTac International Airport, the door is always open. Travelers seek lounges as an escape from...

rosconi GmbH

Restaurant Konstantin Filippou

Wien, Austria, 2019

Bespoke design for demanding palates Guests of the five-toque restaurant Konstantin Filippou in Vienna enjoy the comfort of exclusivel...

hcreates interior design


Shanghai, China, 2017

Hooked is a casual fish and chip seafood restaurant and bar in the newly renovated Found 158 complex in Shanghai. The interior is relaxed...

hcreates interior design

Gelato Dal Cuore

Shanghai, China, 2018

Gelato Dal Cuore is the latest addition to Jing'An eateries resurgence. When it comes to Gelato these guys really know what they are doin...

Bollinger + Fehlig Architekten GmbH BDA


Berlin, Germany, 2020

In Kreuzberg, in the so-called Luisenstadt, a multiple storey office building is planned, as an extension to the commercial property “Lic...

Bollinger + Fehlig Architekten GmbH BDA


Berlin, Germany, 2015

The corner Friedrichstrasse/ Mohrenstrasse presents a new face. In the course of the energetically redevelopment, the facade of the offic...

Studio Gabor Gyenese

Klingler's Ristorante Luzern

Switzerland, 2019

Visualisierungen - Klingler's Ristorante im Grand Hotel National



Wien, Austria, 2019

Mitten in Wiens buntem 15. Bezirk erhebt sich das ehemalige Dorotheum-Depot. Das denkmalgeschützte Gebäude aus den 20er Jahren wurde kürz...

Bollinger + Fehlig Architekten GmbH BDA

Cordée des Alpes

Verbier, Switzerland, 2012

In Verbier, in the heart of French-speaking Switzerland, Bollinger + Fehlig Architects first took a 1970s apartment house down to its she...


Schloss Ambras

Innsbruck, Austria, 2017

Unter Berücksichtigung des besonderen Baudenkmals und der speziellen Begebenheiten auf Schloss Ambras Innsbruck wurde ein minimalistische...



Wien, Austria, 2014

„Take-away“ auf Japanisch: Das Take-away Lokal o.m.k ist ein kleiner aber feiner japanischer Delikatessen Markt. Inspiriert von asiatisch...

hcreates interior design

有盐 Ningbo Bakery

Ningbo, China, 2020

Take a walk through our lastest bakery design for 有盐 (have salt). The interior uses simple material and colour to create a modern, clean-...

Park Associati

Prima Café

Milan, Italy, 2020

Park Associati creates the concept for an original hybrid space in the heart of Milan for the tech company Designed to accompan...


krypt Bar

Wien, Austria, 2017

Während der Renovierungsarbeiten an einem denkmalgeschützten Gebäude aus dem frühen 19. Jhdt. auf der bekannten Wiener Berggasse, wurden ...

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