Alberto Alessi Architecture

Vedi Napoli e poi muori. Grand Tour der Mönche

St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2014

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin


Basel, Switzerland, 2012

Vifor Pharma is a globally active company in the field of research, development, manufacture and marketing of products for the treatment ...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Creaplant – Designers' Saturday

Langenthal, Switzerland, 2012

These floating orbs of earth in which the plants grow are fascinating to behold. String Garden is what Creaplant calls this product. The ...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Sommer Pavillon Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland, 2013

The journey from sketching an idea to the finished building is a long one. It ranges from deliberations on technical feasibility and stru...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

WOGG – IMM Cologne

Cologne, Germany, 2015

The presentation space for the furniture in the WOGG LIVA product line by Wogg is a wall display with multiple tiers staggered in depth a...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

WOGG – IMM Cologne

Cologne, Germany, 2016

A red, angular wall forms the backdrop from which to present the furniture. In front of it is a landscape of staggered platforms in a ran...


Sphäre 1:50.000 | Biennale Venedig 2018

Venedig , Italy, 2018

Thoughts Form Matter - drei Rauminstallationen im Österreichischen Pavillon Sphäre 1:50.000 von LAAC ist eine poetische Inszenierung, ei...

matí Lichtgestaltung

Ruhr Museum - Das Zeitalter der Kohle. Eine…

Essen, Germany, 2018

„Wer bei »Kohle« nur an Schwarz denkt, kann sich in der Ausstellung »Zeitalter der Kohle«, die am 26.04.2018 auf Zollverein in Essen eröf...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Osiris Exhibition Rietberg

Rietberg, Switzerland, 2017

The ‘Osiris’ exhibition at Museum Rietberg displays the impressive treasures discovered by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio ...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibition design "Mario Bellini. Italian…

Milan, Italy, 2017

“Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty” is the title of the exhibition that La Triennale di Milano is devoting to the entire work of the world-re...

Mario Bellini Architects

New Museum, of the Forum "Antiquarium"

Rome, Italy, 2018

The project, currently under way (2016-2018), is about the ‘’Antiquarium Museo Del Foro Romano’’, and is located in the archeological hea...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibitio design "The Seventies. The long…

Milan, Italy, 2008

The landmark of this exhibition, which is about the 1970s, the “longest decade of a short century”, is the ceiling, transformed to a “cum...

Mario Bellini Architects

Exhibition design "Giotto, L'Italia"

Milan, Italy, 2016

Bellini has always shown an undoubted capacity for “showing” things, an ability that has emerged continuously since his first job as an a...

Mario Bellini Architects

National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne, Australia, 2003

Awards: International competition. Winning project. The realisation is the final result of an International Competition in 1996 of which...

Mario Bellini Architects

Museum of the City of Bologna

Bologna, Italy, 2012

Awards: Competition by invitation. Winning project. The work done concerns both the architectural project of transforming and renovating...

SET Architects


Rome, Italy, 2017

Designed to accommodate the reading area of the New Generations Festival, the international architecture event that had taken place from ...

SET Architects

ALBUM - A Collection of 10 Photos

Milan, Italy, 2016

The proposal is an iconic installation that highlights international values of Florim brand during the “Salone del Mobile” season in Mila...

Scandurra Studio

Palladio Museum

Vicenza, Italy, 2012

This new museum is designed as a showcase for the work in progress at the Centro Palladio: it has no collection of its own but instead a ...

Mario Bellini Architects

Department of Islamic Arts at the Louvre Museum

Paris, France, 2012

Awards: International competition. Winning project. One of the most significant buildings of Mario Bellini’s work, it contains in toto b...


CARITAS Pavillon

Milano, Italy, 2015

“Divide to multiply. Breaking the bread” is the theme represented in three dimensions in the pavilion with which Caritas takes part in th...


ENEL Pavilion

Milano, Italy, 2015

In designing the ENEL Pavilion for Expo 2015, the concept of “energy sharing” become an architectural theme, with the creation of a virtu...

rimpf Architektur & Generalplanung

Meßmer Momentum, Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany, 2015

Flagshipstore im Herzen der Hafencity Die Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft (OTG) ist als Importeur, Produzent und Handelsunternehmen seit ...

proMesh GmbH


Wattens, Austria, 2007

The alphamesh curtain is composed of more than 26 million individual welded rings and encloses the premises like a work of art. With a he...

cristiana vannini | arc

Enrico Baj_Dal De rerum natura alle Montagne

milan, Italy, 2017

DAL DE RERUM NATURA ALLE MONTAGNE marks the public reopening of the spaces that once housed the ceramics school founded by Marieda Di Ste...

cristiana vannini | arc

Einaudi_Libri per ragazzi

milan, Italy, 2018

L’allestimento di questa mostra è come il gioco delle scatole cinesi. La collana viene esposta tra le opere della collezione Boschi Di St...

Graber Pulver Architekten AG

Leopardengehege Tierpark Dählhölzli

Bern, Switzerland, 2006

Überdecktes Gehege von rund 600 m2 für Persische Leoparden / Die Struktur des Geheges ist Teil der neu gebildeten Landschaft / Ein das Ge...

POHL Architekten

Waldzimmer im Saarforst

Saarbrücken, Germany, 2017

Drei „Wald-Zimmer“ wurden im Saar- Forst als begehbare Kunst und Ausstellungspavillons aufgestellt. Die Pavillons sind von Vorbildern der...


History Museum Graz

Graz, Austria, 2017

The new trilogy of permanent exhibitions showcases the Styrian cultural heritage at the History Museum, located on the second floor of th...


“El Greco, Arte y Oficio” Exhibition

Toledo, Spain, 2014

Interior Lighting Design for Exhibitio


Musée Rodin

Paris, France, 2016

The LUXMATE LITENET lighting management system combines with IYON Tunable White spotlights to perfectly present the works of Rodin in the...

Hiroyuki Miyake Design Office


Japan, 2018

This is a men's beauty salon in Nagoya, JAPAN. To emphasize personal service to individual customers, Each independent styling space wa...

Christian Bauer & Associés

Stadthaus am Markt

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2016

Competition followed by a VOF procedure Construction of a museum in the historic centre of Frankfurt integrating archeological excavatio...

Darin Johnstone Architects

IVRV House

Westmont, USA, 2016

The ‘IVRV’ house is the result of a collaboration between Southern California Institute of Architecture and Habitat for Humanity of great...

Darin Johnstone Architects

Smack My Glitch Up

Brooklyn, USA, 2014

The first aspect of the competition brief this project challenges is the name: ‘Smart Dock’. A dock is a static, fixed entity for mooring...

Darin Johnstone Architects

Art Center College of Design - Entertainment…

Pasadena, USA, 2016

This project was initiated to create a home for art center college of design’s growing entertainment design department. The program consi...

Darin Johnstone Architects

Art Center College of Design - Mullin Gallery

Pasadena, USA, 2017

In 2014 Art Center College of Design purchased the 1111 South Arroyo Parkway building; a 1980’s mirrored, lozenge shaped, 128,000 square ...

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