Zuishoji Temple

Tokyo, Japan
Kengo Kuma & Associates
Tokyo, Japan

Zuisho-ji Temple (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is the first temple in Tokyo of the Obaku Sect, one of the Zen Buddhist schools brought to Japan by the Priest Ingen during the Edo Period. In this project, we rebuilt the priests’ quarters within the temple.

Designated as jūyō bunkazai or Tangible Cultural Property, close attention was paid to the axis extending from the temple’s repository. We developed a design to reflect the arrangement of Chinese temples which highlight orientation and depth.

We placed a U-shaped cloister on the south side of the axis so that the temple could be more accessible to the community. At the center of the courtyard is a water pool with a raised stage to encourage people to hold events and performances for the community.

The building is supported by a combination steel and wooden frame. The wooden joists and louvers on the exterior resonate with each other and create a geometric pattern that highlights the uniqueness of Obaku Sect.

Partner in charge: Minoru Yokoo
Project team: Tomoyuki Yokoi, Kimio Suzuki (Visualization),Yuzuru Kamiya(model)

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