Residential complex Sunny Watt, MINERGIE®-P-ECO, First plus-heating-energy residential complex in the Zürich region

Watt, Zürich, Switzerland
Photo © R. Rötheli
Photo © R. Rötheli
Photo © R. Rötheli
Photo © R. Rötheli
Photo © R. Rötheli
Photo © R. Rötheli
Photo © R. Rötheli
Kämpfen für Architektur
8105, Watt, Zürich, Switzerland
1-5 Stories

The residential complex Sunny Watt comprises 7 terrace houses and 12 apartments and is located in a greened residential neighbourhood in Watt. The project respected each of the three pillars of sustainability: social, ecological and economical. The different apartments benefit from both the south-facing slope of the site as well as from the key principles of solar architecture that shaped the project: generously-proportioned windows facing south with balconies and terraces, small openings facing north, and a compact building volume with a greater than average level of thermal insulation. These are defining factors to ensure the low energy use of the whole complex. The project combines solar and geothermal energy. In addition to fully meeting the electricity requirement for all building systems, the photovoltaic system integrated into the roof construction provides around half of the whole complex’s household electricity.

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