The New Urban School in Helsingør

Helsingør, Denmark
RUBOW arkitekter
Marienlyst Allé 2, 3000, Helsingør, Denmark
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

The New Urban School, Music School and Mixed Use Sports Complex are located in Helsingør Denmark. The idea is to create an open, integrated and modern educational environment that is both visionary and at the same time creating a new and attractive urban district for the city and its inhabitants. Function, architecture and learning are juxtaposed elements combined in respect and dialog with the transformation of the existing historical buildings.

The overall aim is to create one united and modern urban school district with high architectonic value and a strong focus on providing diverse learning experiences for children on all levels. The urban site inhabits a sloping hill with a great view towards Øresund. A new city floor connects the whole district, with individual treatments of smaller “pocket” parks, plazas and streets in between new and old buildings. The masterplan carefully protects old historical masonry buildings, transforms concrete element buildings from the 70’s and positions new buildings where needed. All together this creates a united school district with a variety of urban spaces and buildings, according to the different leaning and activity needs of different age groups.

The entire project consists of four parts: an overall masterplan for the entire school district, a new Mixed Use Sports Complex,  transformation of an existing library into a new Music / High School and an overall energy renovation, transformation and rebuilding of several existing school buildings. Both environmental and social sustainability perform as key concerns throughout the entire project.

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