Staatskellerei Zürich

Rheinau, Switzerland
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Interior Designers
Klosterplatz, 8462 Rheinau, Switzerland

Bureau Hindermann has designed a stylish bar for tastings, sales and events for the Staatskellerei Zürich in Rheinau. The newly designed interior is just like the excellent wines of the long-standing Swiss producer: velvety, fresh and with a long finish.

The Staatskellerei Zürich in Rheinau has been producing wine for over 150 years. The location is exceptional and the products regularly win awards, but the area where visitors are welcomed had become tired. With the new design by Bureau Hindermann, the old cave aroma has given way to a generous, tasteful atmosphere.

A five-metre long, hip-high table made of solid oak stands at the centre of the open room. This is where people gather to taste and discuss the producer's wines. A large drawer in the table is based on the matchbox prin- ciple. It can be opened from either end of the table and reveals the treasures of the Staatskellerei at the right moment: one bottle from the entire range at a time.

The table is lit by an imposing wine bottle chandelier. Eighteen magnums in an explosion-like arrangement make up the dynamic chandelier and emit an elegant light. The backdrop is formed by an illuminated white rack holding tasting glasses as well as a tasteful red velvet curtain, which discretely separates the toilets from the rest of the room.

This project by Bureau Hindermann is a clear example of how much more class a room can be given by focusing the design on only a few and yet crucial elements.

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