Showroom Swiss Plus Design

Zurich, Switzerland
Photo © Moomii
Photo © Moomii
Photo © Moomii
Photo © Moomii
Photo © Moomii
Photo © Moomii
Interior Designers
Moomii Interior Design
Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Plus Design designs and produces high quality sofa beds in Switzerland. For the two-storey showroom in a coveted location on the Stauffacher in Zurich, Moomii developed a new, future-oriented overall concept that skilfully showcases the high-quality products and the traditional craftsmanship of the furniture manufacturer. The highlight is the big rotating platform in the shop window, which serves as the perfect stage for the sofa beds and attracts the attention of customers. The natural and high-quality materials, the subtle colors and the coordinated lighting concept create a homely ambience and invite visitors to explore the products at their leisure. Together with partner companies, Moomii developed, planned and implemented the exciting project in the heart of Zurich.

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