Pushkinsky Refurbishment

Moscow, Russia
UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri Architects
Moscow, Russia

The Green Face Competition – The Pushkinsky Cinema, that now is facing a threat to its magnificent identity by enormously sized commercial hoardings, sprawling surrounding markets and lack of space around to make its presence felt and appreciated, can best be revived, not by alteration or imposition, but by delicate, mild and minimal intervention.
Instead of changing the iconic character of the building, the aim was to retain the basic identity and clad the side façades with vertical greens, a sort of mix of various ivy and other creepers to make it into a living wall. This would not only bring about a tremendous amount of relief to an otherwise hustle-bustly area, but at the same time, complement and accentuate the geometry of the front façade, especially the curvilinear slanting roof.
The proposal is to clean up the front façade by taking away all signages, hoardings, etc. that currently occupy most part of it, and use the light blue glazing with “regularly randomized” mullion placement, in a subtle manner. The colour for parapet walls and the front curvilinear roof soffit has been kept white, in order to emphasize on the serenity of the project and make it harmonious with a diverse surrounding. It would make the building stand out in an unusual and elegant way. Also the green living walls on the two sides, besides giving an ecological essence, enhance the aesthetics of the theatre.

Finally, the surrounding landscape around the theatre has been proposed to raise as a dune from all sides and gradually merges with the raised entrance plaza. This provides the visitors with ample amount of space, so as to appreciate the theatre as a piece of art.

To conclude, we'd like to mention that our concept finds its roots in simplicity and ecologically feasible intervention tools and ideas. Using whatever is already there, instead of adding new elements, creating more accessible and open space around the building to be able to appreciate it, creating an ecologically significant landmark, and above all, to give the theatre back its identity and charisma, are the main ideas/attempts of our proposal.

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