Police and Judiciary Centre Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland
The corridors between the offices shine with a symbiosis of glass and wood: Here, the Lindner Life Pure 620 meets the Lindner Free Timber and the HTB wooden door.
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The two-storey glass interior façade in the gymnasium was constructed by Lindner especially for the PJZ.
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The single-glazed glass partition Lindner Life Pure 620 wall was used to separate the individual office spaces and impresses with pure elegance.
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Thanks to Lindner Life Timber in the Oak version, the classrooms shine in cozy wood.
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The main atrium is considered the heart of the PJZ and connects all floors with a stairwell.
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The PJZ is considered one of the largest construction projects in Switzerland – and impresses both from the outside and the inside.
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Wooden doors invite people to enter the offices and break through the transparency of the glass partitions.
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Lindner Group
Güterstraße 33 , 8004 Zurich, Switzerland
Canton of Zurich Building Department
Theo Hotz Partner AG, Zurich

After about four and a half years of construction, the go-ahead has now been given for the commissioning of the Police and Judiciary Centre in Zurich: On the former freight station site, the Canton of Zurich received a comprehensive competence centre for fighting crime.

Almost 34,000 m² of land area, more than 130,000 m² of floor space on six floors, 2,030 workplaces and 241 prison places – the figures speak for themselves: with the PJC, a large-scale building complex was created that provides enough space for the cantonal police, the public prosecutor's office, the correctional services as well as for a forensic institute, the police school and parts of the compulsory measures court. The spatial merging of investigative and law enforcement agencies is intended to strengthen cooperation between the areas and contribute to the safety of all citizens. With the possibility of an extension, the Police and Judiciary Centre is also optimally equipped for the future.

In addition to its size, the PJC impresses above all with its modern equipment, which meets a variety of different usage requirements. Bulletproof special elements in the doors increase security, while acoustic optimisation improves concentration in the offices. The structural highlight is the two-storey interior façade of the gymnasium: the customised façade with oversized viewing windows offers an exclusive view of the police school's sports activities. The individual elements were prefabricated by Lindner in the factory and then assembled on site using a crane. In addition, the glass façade meets the strictest Swiss requirements in terms of earthquake and fall safety as well as fire protection.

The Lindner Group was significantly involved in the fit-out of the office worlds: In addition to drywall work, Lindner produced and installed various partition walls, doors and wall panelling. Furthermore, light-coloured wall panelling, matching wooden doors in oak and acoustically effective wall panelling made of metal were used in the offices. Thanks to the combination of solid wall and glass partition systems, the open meeting and working areas impress with both transparency and discretion – the aim was to enable maximum user flexibility. The service package is complemented by the installation of cloakrooms, counters and suitcase locks, which are as functional as they are elegant.

Lindner products used:
• Glass partition Life Stereo
• Glass partition Life Clear
• Glass partition Life Pure
• Glass partition Life Freeze
• Partition Logic Timber
• Absorber Metall
• Wall Cladding Free Metal
• Wall Cladding Free Timber
• Wooden Doors
• Door elements ATB (Aluminium Tubular Frame Door)
• Door elements GTB (Aluminium Tubular Frame Door, stuck glazing)


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