Neues Maxim Kino

Munich, Germany
Interior Designers
meierei Interiordesign | Design

The Maxim cinema in Munich has always been special. After the tenant changed, the old Miss got a makeover. The old Maxim became the new Miss Maxim, who doesn’t deny herroots, nor the extremely limited budget with which the facelift had to be implemented. If we don’t have money to do construction to expand we need to count on highlights and work with color. And not too little. The cinema was actually dipped in different paint pots around the old new seats and a ceiling fresco in the style of art nouveau made some specifications. The rest consists of courage in color, courage with existing buildings and courage to say ’yes old, but good’!

We thank Regine Stoiber (architect) and Anne Harder (the actual Miss Maxim) for their courage and trust in color!

Material, color and lighting concept for an old new lady. Munich, March – Oct 2016

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