MoMö – Museum of Modern Öpfel

Arbon, Switzerland
Photo © Aroma
Photo © Aroma
© Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Photo © Zsigmund Toth
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
© Zsigmund Toth
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Photo © Bodo Rüedi Fotografie
Interior Designers
St. Gallerstrasse 209, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland

MoMö is the Swiss competence centre for traditional juice crafts.

A sensual world of experience has been created on more than 1000m2 of exhibition space, which invites visitors to participate and where the public itself becomes the creator.
A meeting place for generations. A lively house with strong regional ties, where traditions are lived and innovative entrepreneurial spirit meets the most modern technology with beautiful old craftsmanship.

The architectural language and the interior design are a mixture of traditional barn and modern industrial construction. The scenography also combines tradition with modernity. The more than 100 exhibits on display stand for authenticity and are the source of appreciation and information. The centrepiece is the must factory in the large exhibition hall. Here, a barn-like, dark basic atmosphere is striking. The strong light-dark contrasts create visual tension and lend life to the old must-making equipment. The playful and interactive staging, mechatronic exhibits and digital components as well as the play with cold and warm light make the MoMö an experience that can be experienced with all the senses. Special focus was also placed on sustainability: Almost exclusively regional materials were used in the interior design.

The museum collects and preserves objects of technical and cultural significance on a national mandate and researches the Swiss history of cider making and fruit growing in the context of social change. With its exhibitions and accompanying programmes, it builds a bridge from research to education and thus contributes to creating a basis for the innovative strength of our society.

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