Letovo School Moscow

Moscow, Russia
Novomoskovskiy Administrative Region, Sosenskoye Settlement Near Letovo Village, Moscow, Russia
Vera Butko, Anton Nadtochy, Anna Shapiro, Sergey Biryukov, Haykaz Papertyan, Timofey Lyutomsky, Victoria Gayday
Сollaboration with
Atelier PRO

In the territory of New Moscow developer planned to open a private educational institution - boarding school for training from 7 to 11 grade with its own campus for students and teachers. First place in the competition in 2014 was a project of the Dutch bureau Atelier PRO and ATRIUM architectural studio was chosen to serve as co-author from the Russian side and perform the functions of the general designer.

Architecture is an important tool for shaping the image of the school and attracting students. The basis is the guidelines of school construction being new for Russia but used abroad in the last 20 years - effective educating space, versatility and flexibility, comfort and safety. In plan of a four-storey school building is a three-beam star which north-eastern and southern rays house classrooms, and in the west ray there is a sports block. However, the first thing you get is the lobby, which is part of the central nucleus of the school - multilight atrium, the main feature of the building.

It is difficult and, if necessary, transformable space most of the time performs the functions of a school recreation. But it may be an assembly hall that can accommodate all the students and teachers of the school, or small isolated audience. It adjoins the atrium space scene - great attention in the new school will be given to artistic and aesthetic education. Building levels combined the staircase amphitheater and a conservatory with a "green wall".

The first priority has been the creation of individual and memorable appearance of the complex. The facades of the buildings are constructed in the same materials, but differ stylistically and in colors that reflect the differences in the functional content. The main facade of the school material - light clinker and clinker tiles. The second most important material - a gold anodized aluminum cladding.

The result becomes a bright diverse educational environment, where the child is comfortable and interested. A student stands not only as the user, but as the protagonist of the space, he or she may change it, adapt it and adjust it to his or her needs.

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