Kurhotel Bad Schinznach, phase II

Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland
Photo © Dominik Golob
Photo © Dominik Golob
Photo © Dominik Golob
Interior Designers
Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland

The 4* Kurhotel and private clinic in the park are located in Schinznach-Bad. The simple neoclassical architecture of the building is emphasized by the restrained, harmoniously balanced materialization. After the completion of the hotel lobby, the therapy section was opened. The landmarked circular building, with its arched vaults corridor and barrel vaults therapy rooms, has a high architectural and aesthetic quality. Supporting and highlighting this original beauty was the biggest challenge in addition to the functional requirements. Together with the managers and the architect Udo Drewanoski we developed the aspect. New arena for us was designing an abstracted glass fiber concrete wall paneling, able to take even the hardest wheelchair attacks…

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