Hiroshima Global Academy

Osakikamijima-cho, Hiroshima, Japan
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Coelacanth and Associates Inc.
Osakikamijima-cho, Hiroshima, Japan

There are two school sites, with the ground on the sea side and the school on the land side. Since it was a vague site, the land side set up courtyards of different scales called "PLAZA HiGA," "Learning Square," and "Garden of life," giving the area suitable for the activity units of the school building and dormitory. The characteristic of this school is that the "cluster", which is a group of each function, is arranged around the courtyard, and the space is connected by "connector" such as the corridor and the space under the eaves.

This spatial composition will be adjusted on a cluster-by-cluster basis even if the consistency between the learning unit and the space, which changes from one person to a large number, such as the International Baccalaureate Program and the international collaborative project learning, is examined at the same time as the design. There is an advantage that the influence of is small. The cluster of the branch building has a high degree of freedom in the structural form according to the building use. The expandable space composition like Amoeba can flexibly respond to construction plans divided by construction and future expansion. Taking advantage of the warm climate of Setouchi, the semi-external connector also serves as a place of living, gently connecting architecture and nature. I hope that the large space where architecture and nature are integrated will eliminate the barrier between the island and the school, and eventually the entire island will grow into a place of rich life and learning.

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