Guangzhou Times Rose Garden

Guangzhou, China
Jiakun Architects

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden, landscape and culture space design in Residential Community, Guangzhou

Site: Guangzhou

Designer: LIU Jiakun

Site area for garden: 22.800 square meters

Rebuild Gallery Area: 1.200 square meters

Coworkers: YANG Ying, HU Xia, FANG Xianhao, LUO Ming, COOFEE Choi, etc.

Design: 3/2005-2/2006

Construction: 10/2005-

The idea of this project is to inject public cultural space into the residential community. On side one exhibition space exists already, one art museum is designed by Rem Koolhaas and will be on the roof of a residential building. We will design the landscape of the central garden and reconstruct an existing building into a space for communication. In the garden, we designed an elevated way to connect the three public spaces in the area. Because Chinese residential communities today are always closed, we try to establish a new relationship between the contemporary closed residential community and the public urban space. At the same time we fuse the private and public parts of the gardens.

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