Footbridge over the Tison

Poitiers, France
Photo © Samborska
Photo © Samborska
Photo © Samborska
Photo © Samborska
Photo © Samborska
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Poitiers, France
Ville de Poitiers

In the heart of the Clain Valley, located between the city centre and the southern districts, the area of the Tison site is a wonderful opportunity to connect places, territories and to propose a new place of intensity on a city scale. Its strategic location is conducive to the implementation of a real "Central Park" for the municipality of Poitiers.
In our opinion, to develop means, to know how to "spare" the existing, with modesty, to create a lively, frequented and lively site, with diversified uses throughout the year.
The footbridge leads to the esplanade of the sawmill overlooking the Clain. The sawmill building, which has been secured, retains only its wooden structure to become a real open-air hall.
It is built on a floating structure and incorporates benches that transform it into a new belvedere that brings water users closer to the Clain. The route on the river takes the form of a ricochet, barely razing the water to cross from one island to another. The use of floating supports ensures lightness and transparency without modifying the river bed. During floods the structure floats.

Competition 06 | 2015
Start of planning 09 | 2015
Start of construction 05 | 2017

Length 40 m
Free span 20m

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