Finnboda Harbour, Nacka

Stockholm, Sweden
Landscape Architects
Finnbodavarvsväg, 13173, Stockholm, Sweden

The horizontal axes in Finnboda Port stem from the old ship yard, docks and runways which used to be a part of the industry operating there. URBIO is part of designing and detailing the condominium association of Finnboda Hamnplan, with 85 new apartments in three buildings and a common courtyard designed as a green pocket. The old industrial structures have been kept around the old weld hall and are part of creating the plaza and a walkway leading down towards the water ('the walk of fame’). The path with various paving patterns also includes name inscriptions of ships built at the yard during the years of production. The old slipway is turned into an ”post industrial park”, with preserved industrial structures combined with planting and sundeck.

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