Commercial and service centre of Southeast University

Nanjing, China
Atelier Zhouling

The site is located on the south of the new campus of Southeast University, a famous university in China. The building is a hybrid of commercial and service facilities: the commercial part is a synthesis of the inner-street, the strip and the block. The hybrid functions of a supermarket, catering, theatre, bookstore and office are bound together with the allover conception. This creates a hybrid space that can be flexible divided into big and small compartments.

Location: Nanjing, China

Client: Administrative Commission of Jiangning Development Area

Architect: Atelier Zhouling

Project Team: ZHOU Ling, WU Kesuo, WANG Jue, ZHOU Feng

Structure and Material: concrete, granite, plaster

Building Area: 76.000 sq. meter

Cost: 228 Mill. RMB

Design Period: 2006

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