Church Square Broumov

Broumov, Czech Republic
Chmelař architekti
Broumov, Kostelní náměstí, Broumov, Czech Republic
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The south part of Kostelní náměstí (Church Square) is of particular importance
for pedestrians. They have one of the main approaches to the
centre of town from the east here. The northern part of the square, separated
by the substance of the church, is used in a completely different manner.
Thus it has a far more intimate atmosphere, is used for relaxation by
the local inhabitants and especially for the students from the nearby
schools. Before the reconstruction the northern part was a freely grassy
area, thus the design had to find a new arrangement of this part of the
We designed the area of Kostelní náměstí to be compact, with a slight natural
slope, paved by granite and bands of basalt.
The sole distinct spatial element of the new design is a flat open space,
created by “cutting” into the sloping space of the square. We balanced out
the varying height of the open space’s borders with steps on the east and
north side. The steps on the north side are supplemented by built-in
benches that can also be seen as seating for social events on the open
space. The east steps rise above street level and create a sidewalk with
a curb. We planted an alley of linden trees in the sidewalk. A water surface
with a fountain is located in the square’s centre.
The square’s lighting is comprised of a combination of new recessed lights
and original historical lamps.

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