Sevilla, Spain
Visualization © Comas-Pont Arquitectes
Visualization © Comas-Pont Arquitectes
Visualization © Comas-Pont Arquitectes
Drawing © Comas-Pont Arquitectes
Drawing © Comas-Pont Arquitectes
Comas-Pont Arquitectes
Cementry of San Fernando (Av Doctor Fedriani, Sevilla), 41009 Sevilla, Spain
0 - 100K

A steel wall of 18m large, 2,80m high and 1,20m width situated between trees remember us executions of Macarena wall.

When someone goes into empty dark wall, retinas dilate and noise becomes silence, pause. Steps creak when we tread on bullets. Inside the wall is polished and shiny and it reflexes beams of light which penetrate through the ammunition holes letting us to read victims names (there are not some names because they were not inscribed). The walk along 18m wall is a tribute to these victims, a moment reserved to the memory. Light show us the end of this dark and sad period. At the exit, the sun dazzles and bright us, our retina comes back to the normality slowly, but this memory is installed in my mind.

We make exactly number of holes of knew victims, approximately 1000. Holes are situated along the wall, but there are anyone at the end, it means that there are unidentified victims yet. Each hole represents an absence, material absence, loved people absence, but at the same time each absence (hole) lets to bright the right way. At night, interior light gets opposite effect, holes are illuminated from inner and seem starry sky.

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