Photo © Hertha Hurnaus
Photo © Hertha Hurnaus
Photo © Hertha Hurnaus
Visualization © pool

lux Residential Building in Kabelwerk

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Helene-Potetz-Weg 5, 1120 Vienna, Austria
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

Kabelwerk Bauträger GmbH, Wien

Stadt Wien, vertreten durch die MA 21/B, DI Herbert Buchner und DI Volkmar Pamer

Architektengruppe Kabelwerk
Hermann & Valentiny & Partner (Bauteile D-Nord, J), Mascha & Seethaler (A, D-Süd, E), pool Architektur ZT GmbH (B, F), Schwalm-Theiss & Gressenbauer ZT GmbH©, Werkstatt Wien + Holnsteiner & CO (X, Y, Z), DI Martin Wurnig (G, H).

Bauplatz B- 16700 m³ ergeben 58 Wohnungen auf 5200 m² Wohnnutzfläche, 500 Lokalfläche

Günter Mohr (Projektleitung), Isabelle Höpfner, Julia Lindenthal, Antje Ott, Stefan Schadenböck, Christoph Treberspurg, Casper G. Zehner

Freiraumplanung: Heike Langenbach, Anna Detzlhofer
Lichtplanung öffentlicher Raum: A. B. Zoufal
Statik: Mischek ZT GmbH, DI Straka
Bauphysik: Mischek ZT GmbH, DI Tichelmann
Haustechnik: TB ZFG-Projekt GmbH
Generalunternehmer: Strabag AG

Lux is part of the award-winning public-housing development in the southern periphery of Vienna known as “Kabelwerk” (see description of project “Poolhaus”). The housing complex is one of three houses that we designed at “Kabelwerk” and is situated in the sensitive southern part of the premises, along the ascending main street – the “Transversale”. Lux marks the edge of the development along this public street towards a typical sprawl-like quarter in the west, thus needing not only to link the existing sub-urban development with the new quarter, but also to resolve a significant height-fissure on the site.

Our approach was to take up the given situation and use it as an opportunity for the design of the housing complex: Secondary functions with possibly public or half-public activities, like the foyer, community facilities, but also storage-rooms belonging to the apartments, bicycle storage and a shop are placed along the “Transversale”, levelling out the height fissure, creating a 50 meter long, extended multifunctional public space, that flows into the building, opening up the complex towards the existing neighbours.

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