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geras Residential Building

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Gerasdorfer Straße 147, 1210 Vienna, Austria
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

In collaboration with the architectural offices gerner°gerner plus, Patricia Zacek, 3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur and the developers BWS, GÖD and Eisenhof we won the competition for a residential complex at Gerasdorfer Straße in Vienna.

The topics openness, continuity, overview and transparency are leitmotiv of whole planning process. They are the planning basis, ranging from urban planning to the architecture of each building.

The facility consists of nine point buildings. The original dedication of five building areas was supplemented by a further four in almost the same dimension. This results in intermediate zones, passage ways, openness and no barriers caused by buildings. The opening of the structure to the new settlement areas in the environment became an important feature.

The nine buildings represent a separate district structure that creates identity and thus becomes a center for the surrounding areas.

Openness, transparency, clarity are the topics that define the urban planning and architecture, but are also the guiding principles for social security and sustainability.

The point blocks allow different points of view and a variety of different experiences in the public space. Generous public paths and open area zones create the feeling of identification, orientation and overview.

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