Parco Dora Spina

Turin, Italy

Light fascinates.
We are independent architectural lighting designers.

pfarré lighting design creates daylight- and electrical lighting projects for
architecture, land- and cityscape. As a company with world wide orientation,
working independently from manufacturers, we are in a position to carry out
public, commercial, cultural and private projects on almost any scale.

With a holistic approach our work is characterized by individual responses on the
particular project, environment and culture. Our lighting designers are experienced
with all phases of the HOAI (RIBA), and familiar with the conception of state-of-
the art lighting controls. For special requirements we offer customized solutions,
and designing light objects in the specific context of the architecture and the task
concerned. In our projects, both aesthetical and technical longevity is as crucial as
our focus on energy efficiency. Good lighting design enhances architecture and
promotes its acceptance.

Our projects have been honored with over 100 national and international awards,
among others with the most prestigious "Radiance Award for Excellence in Lighting Design".
On the occasion of the 2016 LDA Lighting Awards in London, Gerd Pfarré has been named
"Lighting Designer of the Year".

Competences: lighting design for architecture, land- and cityscape.
Design and development of custom-made luminaires and lighting objects.

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