Photo © Stefan Müller
Photo © Stefan Müller
Photo © Stefan Müller
Photo © Stefan Müller
Photo © Stefan Müller

Festival Hall

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Weissach, Germany

The festival hall nestles slightly elevated among the picturesque slopes of the Strudelbach valley. Its position and orientation give it the nature of a belvedere, whose views over the surrounding countryside are an important part of the architecture. The courtyard between the hall and the restaurant again underlines the relationship between the building and its surroundings, for the tectonically designed boundary walls of the architectonic internal space take the gaze straight out into the surrounding landscape, representing the contrast and the transition between building and nature. Analogous to the interaction between landscape and structure, the individual elements of the building also stand in dynamic relation to each other. The dignified horizontal natural stone base course, which takes a vertical turn at the north-eastern end forming the spine of the hall, contrasts with the light filigree roof which appears almost to float.

Between these two elements stretches an extensive glazed section, partially recessed, forming generously proportioned roofed areas, which as places of communication suggest the archetypal loggia and the continuation of hallowed architectural traditions.

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