Pavilion in Zurich

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Zurich, Switzerland

Chance Encounter: A Breath of Permanence

The pavilion lies at the base of a protective earthen wall that grows up out of the park landscape and holds the spatial concept in the center of which it defines a freely playable inner courtyard. Only this explosive expression of the great urban dynamism allows the space to reveal its versatility and playability. The simple transformation of the topography becomes the architecture. Fully embedded in the terrain, the pavilion is an integral part of the park. The round hill embodies constancy and continuity. Seasonally, the inner courtyard is given a light roof, a breathing social body. There it is heaviness and permanence, here it is lightness and inconstancy. In this way, the enclosed circular courtyard is expanded by the idea of a year-round playable courtyard. Almost invisible during the day, it exposes soft lantern light at night. The earth wall is opened towards the city with a puncture and fanned out towards the park in such a way that the green space is invited into the courtyard and, through its stepped form, serves as an inviting seat on the park shell.
In collaboration with Veruska Vasconez.

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