A Holiday Cafeteria by the Taihu Lake Ring Road

Suzhou, China

Founded in the Netherlands in 2017, Parallect Design is a design office based in the Yangtze River Delta and the Netherlands. We are a team of designers, architecture and landscape is the main force, and we are also doing exhibition, interior and design research projects.

We believe that the words "design", "plan" and "program" are synonymous, and the purpose is to "solve a specific problem through design strategies." Our design team has diverse educational and work backgrounds and hopes to break the “tradition” of design in such a multi-cultural background.

We follow the user's perspective, intervene in the design, and emphasize the real experience of the space. Focusing on the aesthetics, functions, and sustainability, we constantly explore the potential of design and the potential needs of users. We also encourage multi-disciplinary cooperation to work together and achieve groundbreaking projects.

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Suzhou, China