World-Architects at Light+Building & Luminale 2016

World-Architects organized and conducted 16 editorial driven Guided Tours at the Light+Building and Luminale 2016. 700 international Architects and lighting enthusiasts followed our experts to carefully selected manufacturers presenting their innovative lighting solutions, new technologies and general trends in the industry. (Impressions of Light+Building & Luminale 2016 Guided Tours March 17 and 18 | Duration: 3:46 min.)

6 days, 16 tours, 700 attendants from 32 countries

In partnership with Messe Frankfurt World-Architetcs organized 16 Guided Tours with following experts: Gabriele Allendorf, Ulrike Brandi, Reinhard Germer, Thomas Geuder & Robert Volhard, Wilfried Kramb, Michael F. Rohde, Fernando Rojo & Sara Ortega, Andreas Schulz, Frank Vetter & Christian Heuchel, Birgit Walter and Carla Wilkins. The tours will start at the Outlook Lounge (Tour 1-10) or in the Stylepark Lounge (Tour 11) and lasted approximately 2 hours. Each of them showed individual highlights at Light+Building in Frankfurt from 13 to 18 March 2016.

Show me your light

This year, the Light+Building trade fair was a highlight, where there was much to discover. In the photograph: trade fair presence of XAL. (Photo: Mathias Duerr)

Light+Building, the internationally most important trade fair for lighting and building services technologies is over. We have found many new things, discovered several unexpected products, missed expected solutions and, every now and then, we also learned something new.

 Our trade fair retrospective |  Unser Messerückblick

Tour 01 «Urban Lighting»

Guides: Frank Vetter* & Christian Heuchel**
*Day & Light Lichtplanung, Munich | **O&O Baukunst, Cologne

Light+Building Tour 01: March 13, Sunday 15:00 - 17:00
„Urban Lighting – Public squares and streets, buildings and surfaces are defined by light – during the evening hours the artificial light creates spaces and represents a cities face. Cities and local authorities are renovating public grounds. The renewal of lighting systems plays an important part in city marketing, visual comfort, traffic safety and prevention of crime. We are searching for new lighting tools to lighten urban spaces in high quality, justifying their investments by economic advantages, directing light where it is needed and preventing light pollution.” Frank Vetter

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Frank Vetter & Christian Heuchel (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: iGuzzini (IT) | Selux (DE) | Insta Lightment (DE) | Bega (DE) | we-ef (DE) | Willy Meyer + Sohn (DE) | Trilux (DE) | IP44 (DE)
Image Gallery: «Urban Lighting» Guided Tour

Tour 02 «Minimized»

Guide: Carla Wilkins
Lichtvision, Berlin

Light+Building Tour 02: March 14, Monday 11:00 - 13:00
„Minimized – The holistic approach in our Lighting Design Projects is all about space, atmosphere and a place to remember. Looking at and for the tool box serving small to large scale projects there is always an ambitious need for even more minimized luminaires. LED as light source is the basic but how much space needs the overall design of all components. The tour introduces several tools of minimizing fittings and the impact of integrated and remote technical components. It will be also an alluring treasure hunt on our way through the fairground checking out improvements of our toolbox.” Carla Wilkins

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Carla Wilkins (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: Mike Stoane Lighting (UK) | Cooledge Lighting (CA) | Harvard Engineering (UK) | Erco (DE) | Trilux (DE) | Reggiani ( IT) | iGuzzini (IT) | Cordula Kafka (DE) | Sattler (DE)
Image Gallery: «Minimized» Guided Tour

Tour 03 «LED = flickerfree: something new?»

Guide: Prof. Michael F. Rohde
L-Plan Lighting Design, Berlin

Light+Building Tour 03: March 14, Monday 15:00 - 17:00
„LED = flickerfree: something new? – Finally - are we getting to the point to get a flicker free LED? We (L-Plan) talked to the manufacturer about this matter for years. Now we may get what we always asked for. Come join us on a tour to explore and discover new products and applications that do a good job in this sence!” Michael F. Rohde

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Prof. Michael F. Rohde (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: LED-Linear (DE) | Soraa .Lighting (US) | Cooledge Lighting (CA) | Phillips (NL) | Osram (DE) | Nimbus (DE)
Image Gallery: «LED = flickerfree: something new?» Guided Tour

Tour 04 «From LED light source to LED Luminaire»

Guide: Reinhard Germer
L-Plan Lighting Design, Berlin

Light+Building Tour 04: March 15, Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00
„From the LED light source to the LED Luminaire – Looking back at the history of lighting, whenever a new light source was introduced, designers needed time to fully understand the nature of this new technology in order to identify the design potential. This is currently the case with the LED technology. Come join us on a tour to explore and discover the current stage of the development of these new products and applications!” Reinhard Germer

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Reinhard Germer (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: Soraa .Lighting (US) | Cooledge Lighting (CA) | Reggiani (IT) | Osram (DE) | Occhio (DE) | Luctra (DE)
Image Gallery: «From the LED light source to the LED Luminaire» Guided Tour

Tour 05 «LED Blues»

Guide: Gabriele Allendorf
Gabriele Allendorf – light identity, Munich

Light+Building Tour 05: March 15, Tuesday 15:00 - 17:00
„LED Blues – Dear light lovers! We start at 3:00 pm in the outlook lounge hall 4.2. With a short presentation of my recent works we figure out how little light is needed to create a perfect atmosphere. Not only the atmosphere you may be like to snooze close to a chimney, but also for smart building concepts and valuable street lighting. On our tour we will join some companies, which are specialized in the dimming process. There you will get all the informations you need for valuable concepts around the dimming and steering process.” Gabriele Allendorf

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Gabriele Allendorf (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: Seebacher (DE) | LightLife (DE) | Gira (DE) | Esylux (DE) | Osram (DE) | Ingo Maurer (DE) | Sattler (DE)
Image Gallery: «LED Blues» Guided Tour

Tour 06 «Integration»

Guide: Birgit Walter
BMLD Lighting design, Barcelona

Light+Building Tour 06: March 16, Wednesday 11:00 - 13:00
„Integration – By understanding light as matter and allowing for the space to become visible and to reveal itself as intended, integration of lighting schemes within architecture becomes very important. In this sense adaptability and size of light fitting are of essence to our vision for all lighting projects. The tour will therefore explore lighting manufacturers that enable sculpturing of light through easily interchangeable accessories while maintaining, as far as possible, integration of necessary equipment and required reduced size.” Birgit Walter

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Birgit Walter (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: LED Linear (DE) | Delta Light (BE) | Willy Meyer + Sohn (DE) | Erco (DE) | acdc (UK) | Davide Groppi (IT) | Vibia (ES)
Image Gallery: «Integration» Guided Tour

Tour 07 «Sun, Sky, Moon, Stars!»

Guide: Ulrike Brandi
Ulrike Brandi Licht, Hamburg

Light+Building Tour 07: March 16, Wednesday  15:00 – 17:00
„My Orchestra is a Big Band: Sun, Sky, Moon, Stars! – Our aim is to create environments for people - to design atmospheres where people feel comfortable. Besides of our own feeling and intuition there are new researches proving how much especially light influences well-being and health of humans.So why not using this knowledge and integrate it in healthy and beautiful buildings and outside spaces?!" On April 2, Ulrike Brandi will illustrate how this can be implemented based on her own projects. Her tour of the fair will then lead you to manufacturers whose products impress through aesthetics, clarity, tranquility and wit. The respective product presentations will be consciously short so that there will be enough room for subject-specific debate.” Ulrike Brandi

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Ulrike Brandi (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths:  Viabizzuno (IT) | iGuzzini (IT) | Prolicht (AT) | we-ef (DE) | Willy Meyer + Sohn (DE) | Occhio (DE) | Marset (ES) | Vibia ( ES)
Image Gallery: «Sun, Sky, Moon, Stars!» Guided Tour

Tour 08 «Lighting design for an infrastructure project»

Guide: Wilfried Kramb
a•g Licht, Bonn

Light+Building Tour 08: March 17, Thursday 11:00 – 13:00
„Lighting design for a large-scale infrastructure project in the Middle East – ideas and their realisation by several manufacturers: The demands on planners and the associated implementation of ideas by the luminaire makers are becoming more and more sophisticated. The technology and flexibility of LEDs – and with that their possible applications – seem to be unlimited. However, everything still has to be physically developed and built. We set out on a tour to selected manufacturers addressing this task. Along the way, there is a lot more to be discovered." Wilfried Kramb

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Wilfried Kramb (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: Barthelme  (DE) | iGuzzini ( IT) | Trilux (DE) | Osram (DE) | Zumtobel (DE)
Image Gallery: «Lighting design for an infrastructure project in the Middle East» Guided Tour

Tour 09 «From engineering to poetry»

Guide: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schulz
Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn, Berlin

Light+Building Tour 08: March 17, Thursday 15:00 – 17:00
„From engineering to poetry – The question “What is good lighting in architecture?“ may be answered in many different ways. For our office, successful lighting design works in harmony with the architect’s design intent and merges into a coherent, holistic solution. Engineering approaches are often required to create sleek and integrated lighting solutions. This tour invites you to explore the potential of designed lighting elements. A distinct design of lighting fixtures is influential on the atmosphere of a space. Beyond the suggestion of quality and value, designed luminaires create a sense of identity, evoke emotions and sometimes achieve to add poetry to the architecture. Join in and be inspired!” Andreas Schulz

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Andreas Schulz (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: Selux (DE) | Viabizzuno (IT) | iGuzzini (IT) | XAL (AT) | Occhio (DE) | Mawa Design (DE)
Image Gallery: «From engineering to poetry» Guided Tour

Tour 10 «Shaping Light»

Guide: Sarah Ortega feat. Fernando Rojo
artec3 Studio, Barcelona

Light+Building Tour 10: March 18, Friday 11:00 13:00
„Shaping Light – Our goal when using light, it's not just to iluminate, but to shape the light in a way that perfectly matchs with the space. By understanding the architectural concept and with the right usage and control of the light source, every space may be unique and every idea could come to reality. Searching and finding the proper manufacturer capable to think, create, produce and model the light source is what we will achieve among thousands of brands which try to capture our attention; artec3 is who will explain and shape that light.” Fernando Rojo

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Sara I. Ortega (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: LED Linear (DE) | Lutron (UK) | Soraa .Lighting (US) | MCI (ES) | iGuzzini (IT) | FLOS (IT) | Lamp Lighting (ES) | Vibia (ES)
Image Gallery: «Shaping Light» Guided Tour

Tour 11 «Highlights»

Guides: Thomas Geuder* & Robert Volhard**
*World-Architects, Stuttgart/Zürich | **Stylepark, Frankfurt am Main

Light+Building Tour 11: March 18, Friday 14:00 - 16:00
«Robert Volhard, Stylepark and Thomas Geuder, guided architects, planners, designers and journalists through the trade fair jungle to selected highlights of Light+Building, hoping for lively and controversial discussions between the individual stops.»

Guided Tour at Light+Building by Thomas Geuder & Robert Volhard (Photos: Mathias Duerr)

Visited booths: Mozaiq (DE) | Digitalstrom (CH) | Jung (DE) | Siedle (DE) | Gira (DE) | Soraa (US)Simes (IT) | Tobias Grau (DE) | Erco (DE) | Zumtobel (AT) | Osram (DE) | Nimbus (DE) | Occhio (DE) | Buschfeld (DE)
Image Gallery: «Highlights» Guided Tour

«Luminale Tours»

Guide: Thomas Geuder
World-Architects, Stuttgart/Zürich

Luminale Tours 01-05: March 13 to 17, 20:00 - 22:00+
«At five Luminale Guided Tours Thomas guided architects, planners, designers and light-art-enthusiasts through Luminale to independently selected projects, hoping for lively and controversial discussions between the individual stops.»

Guided Tours at Luminale by Thomas Geuder

Image Gallery: «Luminale» Guided Tours

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