The World of Flooring – Domotex 2016

A Floor full of Ideas

Colours, designs, surfaces: from 16 to 19 January, Domotex 2016 will again provide a unique variety focusing on the floor theme. (photograph: 747 studios / Jan Kath, who will unfortunately not be present this year) 
Year after year, one could say. And yet: every year in January, the DOMOTEX trade fair in Hannover is an obligatory date one likes to keep. Here, interior architects, architects and designers find fresh inspiration for the coming year. As a fixed event of the trade fair, «[email protected]» will again show what is really good and worth seeing this year. 84 candidates in five categories succeeded to enter the stage in Halls 6, 9 and 17. Something else will also be featured once again: the World-Architects team together with industry experts will in the context of the Guided Tours take visitors to important and relevant manufacturers and products.
«Walking across the floor with naked feet is a tactile experience – we are, after all, apes. […] One can see what one’s feet are moving on, one can directly feel the floor. This is also true when walking in nature, in an area with stones, grass and flowers, or when hiking in the mountains. […] Sometimes it is pleasant to walk on a carpet, sometimes on stone. I would never prefer a single floor covering. It depends on how one likes to live – or walk.» Piero Lissoni, architect and designer from Milan says what many people only suspect: the floor is one of the most important components of a building because you can directly feel it. You walk, sometimes you sit on it and so you are indirect contact with the building. This is reason enough for architects, interior architects and also for designers to visit the DOMOTEX trade fair taking place in Hannover from 16 to 19 January, where about 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 countries will present the new trends and novelties the market for floor coverings has to offer.
The heart of [email protected] DOMOTEX beats for trade fair visitors again in Hall 6 – with products, «Dialogues» and «Guided Tours». (photograph: Rainer Jensen / Deutsche Messe) 
The trade fair covers a product and material variety completely comprising the subject of floors: In twelve exhibition halls, the products and solutions on offer range from textile and elastic floor coverings for the home and contract segment and machine- and hand-made carpets and rugs to parquet, laminate and outdoor floor coverings through to laying, care and application techniques. The special feature: about 85 percent of exhibitors come from abroad, especially from Turkey, India, Belgium, China, Netherlands and Iran. Consequently, Domotex is a trade fair, which is laid out to address topics far beyond the national scope and act as a marketplace of international trade relations. Those who want to gather comprehensive and specific information on everything related to what is happening underneath one’s feet hit the spot in Hannover in January.
Special guests at this year’s Domotex are Wolf D. Prix (Coop Himmelb(l)au) and Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Associati). 
Special areas for special products
Internationally renowned architects, interior architects and designers lead the way: Piero Lissoni, whom we already mentioned before, will be a special guest at the trade fair on Sunday. The day before, on 16 January 2016, Wolf D. Prix from Vienna will attend the exhibition. In the scope of the “[email protected]” format by Stylepark, they and numerous other experts from architecture, interior design and design will illustrate the significance of the floor for architecture and people and point out new inspirations to be discovered. [email protected] will take place for the third time in succession and will once again show the special highlights and most innovative products in the three special areas in Halls 6, 9 and 17. That way, visitors can quickly and easily get an overview of the industry’s novelties and trends worth seeing. Previously, two expert juries selected a total of 84 products: modern, hand-made carpets and rugs in Hall 17 – potential winners of the Carpet Design Award – selected by an international jury under the chairmanship of British designer Michael Sodeau; all other products exhibited in the special areas in Halls 6 and 9, chosen by a jury chaired by Munich-based designer Stefan Diez, who stands again – and thus also for the third time in succession  - for the high quality and innovative strength of [email protected] this year.
Awarded laminates and parquets can be found on the [email protected] area in Hall 9. (photograph: Rainer Jensen / Deutsche Messe) 
The high quality of last year’s presentation in the [email protected] areas has led to the decision to once again use the exhibition stand architecture by architect André Schmidt from MATTER, Berlin. His design concept, which literally gives the floor space of each area a three-dimensional appearance, wonderfully adapts to the exhibited product groups: loops for resilient flooring materials, folds for parquets and waves for hand-knotted rugs generate a three-dimensional world of floor coverings. «It was our aim to create a design, which is exceptional and arouses the visitor’s curiosity. The idea of creating space from a flat area was the basis for the design of the three special areas. Thereby this approach should remain clearly recognisable, and simultaneously individually react to the product groups», explains André Schmidt.
Impression from last year’s tour with Monika Lepel: any question is allowed in the relaxed atmosphere. (photograph: Mathias Duerr / World-Architects) 
In good hands with Free Guided Tours by World-Architects
In view of the large number of exhibitors and innovations, it can only be helpful for visitors to the fair to get presented a special pre-selection. The three [email protected] areas in Halls 6, 9 and 17 do exactly that in a compact and very informative way. Those who want to plunge deeper into the innovation jungle should best join one (or several) of the seven Guided Tours, which are organised and carried out by World-Architects. The special feature about this: we have engaged an expert for each Guided Tour, who has made his or her very personal selection from the large number of manufacturers and products. In two hours, an intense, individual and professional exchange with exhibitors and colleagues is thus possible. Questions and discussions are not just allowed, they are urgently required!
In the scope of the free Guides Tours, 8 experts lead visitors through the exhibition halls. 
Tour 1 : 16. January – Saturday – 10.00-12.00 h: Stefan Diez, Stefan Diez Office 
Tour 2 : 16. January – Saturday – 14.00-16.00 h : Christina Biasi-von Berg, Biquadra
Tour 3 : 17. January – Sunday – 10.00-12.00 h : André Schmidt, Matter
Tour 4 : 17. January – Sunday – 14.00-16.00 h : Julia Schneider, IAM Interior Architects
Tour 5 : 18. January – Monday – 10.00-12.00 h : Lien Tran, Lien Tran Interior Design
Tour 6 : 18. January – Monday – 14.00-16.00 h : Klaus de Winder, de Winder Architekten
Tour 7 : 19. January – Tuesday – 10.00-12.00 h : Dorothee Maier, meierei

All Guided Tours are editorially accompanied by Thomas Geuder, who is a specialised architecture journalist and member of our editorial team for eMagazin German-Architects.

Meeting point for every free Guided Tour is the “[email protected]” area in Hall 6.
You can, of course, register for several guided tours!
The world of modern, handmade carpets is on display in Hall 17, where the Carpet Design Awards are also presented. (photograph: Rainer Jensen / Deutsche Messe) 
Packed programme at DOMOTEX 2016
The industry eagerly awaits the presentation of the Carpet Design Awards, because they are regarded as the worldwide most important award in this segment. In the preliminary stage, an international jury selected the best handmade designer carpets and rugs in eight categories, the respective winners of which will receive a prize during a festive event on the Sunday, 17 January 2016 in the [email protected] area in Hall 17. The Wood Floor Summit in Hall 9, the summit of the parquet and laminate industry, is a genuine highlight, which as from 2016 will also take place under the umbrella of [email protected] At the “Treffpunkt Handwerk” in Hall 7, people of action find the perfect tools. A Far-Eastern touch influences the European Interior Decorating Competition, which gives the best interior furnishers and decorators from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and South Tyrol the opportunity to design and implement two spaces each on the theme «from Dao to Zen», thus demonstrating their craftsmanship and creative talent. Also on 17 January, the “Parkett Star 2016” will be presented in Hall 6 in the [email protected] area.
As jury chairman again responsible for the presented products at [email protected] this year: designer Stefan Diez from Munich. (photograph: Rainer Jensen / Deutsche Messe) 
With the [email protected] format, the upcoming DOMOTEX 2016 will again provide plenty of scope for inspiration and innovation. Or as special guest Piero Lissoni put it: “I like the opportunity to discover something. At Domotex in Hannover I will surely find new things – there will be innovations that will change our everyday life. This can be an unexpected version, a good colour, an impressive carpet or delicately treated wood. […] I do not expect the one revolutionary object, but I always discover interesting things. If you are not blind or arrogant, you can discover unexpected and well-done things.” We fully subscribe to this. tg

Official trailer for Domotex 2016 (Mhoch4 / Deutsche Messe, duration: 2:28 min.)
Thomas Geuder
Published on
Dec 9, 2015