DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover - Impressions

Free Guided Tours with 8 Architects, Designers and Journalists – in cooperation with Stylepark and Deutsche Messe organized Guided Tours with  Jürgen Mayer H & Wilko Hoffmann, Stefan Diez, Marc Clemenceau Bailly, Susanne Brandherm, Peter Joehnk & Jana Vonofakos - assisted by Thomas Geuder. The tours started at the [email protected] Area Hall 6 F30 and lasted approximately 2,5 hours. Each of them showed highlights at DOMOTEX 2014.

Guides and Impressions and Statements

[email protected]

[email protected]“ org by Stylepark, Guided Tours org. by World-Architects (Duration: 3:22 min.)

Innovations are stories one can tell

A novelty this year was the service for architects, interior architects and designers. The “[email protected] Areas”, specifically developed for these target groups, featured current trends of the industry in a compact format and in a uniform booth design developed by internationally renowned architect, Jürgen Mayer H. The special characteristic of these areas: the exhibition company had the opportunity to submit their best ideas and products in the run-up to the trade fair; an independent, six-member expert jury chaired by industrial and product designer Stefan Diez from Munich selected the best products from all submissions, which will were presented during the trade fair. More than 100 companies entered about 200 products, 62 have made it and were subject to the critical examination of professional visitors. “We have asked ourselves what the term ‘innovation’ actually implies today. It is about new things, but also about clear improved details, practical solutions and ideas. An interesting aspect for me as a designer was the insight into the complex handicraft aspects of the topic, the combination with questions of laying and processing – so the interface towards practical application”, jury chairman Stefan Diez. A first idea is developed into a design and finally into a finished product – the presented innovations have a story, which was transported in the special areas of “[email protected]”.

Preliminary Report

  Resilient and Textile Floor Coverings, Parquet and Laminate Flooring, Modern Hand-Made Carpets, Talks, Woodflooring Summit, Guided Tours, Service.

[email protected] Guide 2014

Feedback Exhibitors

I d’like to thank you for your [email protected], it was a pleasure meeting you. Congratz to whole the team of guides! All these positive vibes is only making us stronger for another creative year! Hope to see you next year! Kim De Cabooter, Design & Graphics, Papilio

Endlich hat die Messe Hannover eine Kommunikationsform gefunden, die auch wirklich den Nerv getroffen hat. Wir danken den Organisatoren und dem Team von Guided [email protected], Ihr seid eine Bereicherung, auf die wir als Aussteller nicht mehr verzichten wollen. Die Tours waren konzentriert, kompetent und sinnvoll für Aussteller wie Besucher. Von Herzen Jürgen Dahlmanns, Rug Star by J. Dahlmanns

We would like to thank you. The Guided [email protected] were a great opportunity for us. The Tours were well organized and ideal for presenting our innovative products to really interesting people. We think, that it was also for the visitors a special tool for having a good overview in short time. All the best from Switzerland, Paul Lingg, Li&Co AG, Palü Daint/Müstair

The guided tours for [email protected] was a smart and efficient way for architects and press to see the latest development within the market. The interest in our Eco-friendly concept has been great! Emil Lindén, BERGO FLOORING, SE-Anderstorp

Die ‚Guided Tours’ an der Domotex waren für unsere Branche eine gute Erfahrung und sehr wichtig. Wir Aussteller erhalten die Möglichkeit, unser innovatives Produkt vorzustellen und Leuten nahe zu bringen, welche die Welt des modernen Teppichs in der Größe noch nicht zu sehen bekommen haben. Ich hoffe, wir konnten einen nachhaltigen Eindruck vermitteln, damit der Teppich vermehrt Gegenstrand des heutigen Wohnens wird. Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und Engagement. Dani Mischioff, Mischioff AG, CH-Embrach-Embraport

Ich fand die Guided Tours wirklich klasse, es gab den Besuchern einen wirklich komprimierten Eindruck über die neuesten Innovationen. Ich denke, dass es auf so einer großen Messe wie der Domotex nicht leicht ist, den Überblick zu behalten und das wirklich interessante zu finden. Somit war es glaube ich auch für uns Aussteller ein sehr optimales Mittel unsere Neuheiten am gezieltesten zu präsentieren. Es sollte solche Touren auf allen Messen geben. Ein Großes lob an die Organisatoren! Hossein Rezvani, HOSSEiN REZVANI DESIGN, Hamburg

We were very happy with the overwhelming interest for the Guided [email protected] Twice a day we received a group of interested architects and members of the press whom we were able to explain more about our innovations. Face to face contact is always good and allows for further explanation and dialogue when you put a new product or innovation into the market. Marieke van Dop, Edel Group, NL-Genemuiden

DOMOTEX, Hannover 2014 was a huge success for Jaipur Rugs .We are pleased that your participation in the guided tours added to that success. Thank you for stopping by Jaipur Rugs’ stand. It was truly a pleasure meeting you at the fair. Mansi Chitranshi, Jaipur Rugs, IN-Rajasthan

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Jan 21, 2014