Light+Building 2014 Impressions

Free Light+Building Guided Tours with international lighting designers and experts – Light+Building & Luminale Guided Tours by March 30 - April 4, Frankfurt am Main. Free guided tours with renowned lighting designers and journalists starting twice a day at the Outlook Lounge in the Foyer of Hall 4.2. In the evenings March 30 - April 3 also are offered free Guided Tours to Luminale. Interested? Please contact us for inquiries or choose your favorite tour from the schedule below and apply.

World-Architects: Light+Building & Luminale 2014 – Video

Portrait: M. Hank Haeusler
  • #01 Tour : M. Hank Haeusler «Contemporary Media Facade Technologies»

  • Dr. M. Hank Haeusler | |
  • Hank will demonstrate that façades can be more than beautiful building envelopes nowadays. His tour begins with a journey into the history of the media façade in which participants will encounter referential examples. Afterwards, selected manufacturers who have the right product responses concerning the topic of the media façade will be visited.

Portrait: Carla Wilkins
  • #02 Tour : Carla Wilkins «White plus White»

  • Carla Wilkins | |
  • The dynamic of the daylight is our main experience. The unit Kelvin becomes the key. By creating a good lighting scheme we need to consider timelines and the dynamic of atmospheres. The same space may have different approaches during night time than at noon. LED Modules allow different color temperatures in one fitting from warm to cool colour temperatures. The tour will focus on the options how to achieve this with one fitting, the tools the industry provides and the consequences on the control systems.

Portrait: Michael F. Rohde
  • #03 Tour : Michael F. Rohde «LED - so what?»

  • Michael F. Rohde | | |
  • With a new era of lighting tools dominating the market, designers and architects, as well as manufacturers have to re-think their design approaches. Observations from 2012 show that about only 10% of all new products actually exceeded our expectations of innovation. Come join us on a tour to explore and discover these new products and applications!

Portrait: Reinhard Germer
  • #04 Tour : Reinhard Germer «From the LED light source to the LED Luminaire»

  • Reinhard Germer | |
  • Looking back at the history of lighting, whenever a new light source was introduced, designers needed time to fully understand the nature of this new technology in order to identify the design potential. This is currently the case with the LED technology. Come join us on a tour to explore and discover the current stage of the development of these new products and applications!

Portrait: Gabriele Allendorf
  • #05 Tour : Gabriele Allendorf «Architecture - Light - Identity»

  • Gabriele Allendorf | |
  • Gabriele's Guided Tour is characterized by individual lighting solutions. Gabriele Allendorf, lighting designer from Munich, will first give a short presentation based on a few project examples. She will demonstrate how light can figure into the process of working out an identity for the building and for the utilization. The following tour of the fair will lead you to manufacturers where the identity potential of light will be dicussed directly at the luminaire product.

Portrait: Mark Elliott
  • #06 Tour : Mark Elliott «Hospitality + LED»

  • Mark Elliott |
  • Hospitality + LED - Is this a match made in heaven, or a mix to be avoided? With advances in technologies over the years our lit environments have been subjected to some turbulent times, in some cases taking a step backwards by blindly embracing new technologies, without considering the impact on our spaces. Technology has now caught up with its promise, and carefully selected products and world class design can really replicate the ambience of a candle lit dinner. The magic in hospitality spaces that was so easily achieved with an incandescent build or a halogen lamp is now achievable again with the right knowledge of the new tools of our trade.

Portrait: Ulrike Brandi
  • #07 Tour : Ulrike Brandi «Human centric light»

  • Ulrike Brandi | |
  • "Our aim is to create environments for people - to design atmospheres where people feel comfortable. Besides of our own feeling and intuition there are new researches proving how much especially light influences well-being and health of humans.So why not using this knowledge and integrate it in healthy and beautiful buildings and outside spaces?!" On April 2, Ulrike Brandi will illustrate how this can be implemented based on her own projects. Her tour of the fair will then lead you to manufacturers whose products impress through aesthetics, clarity, tranquility and wit. The respective product presentations will be consciously short so that there will be enough room for subject-specific debate.

Portrait: Thomas Geuder & Robert Volhard
  • #08 Tour : Thomas Geuder & Robert Volhard «Selected Highlights»

  • Thomas Geuder & Robert Volhard | |
  • Robert Volhard #Stylepark and Thomas Geuder will guide architects, planners, designers and journalists through the trade fair jungle to selected highlights of Light+Building, hoping for lively and controversial discussions between the individual stops.

Portrait: Thomas Geuder & Robert Volhard
  • #09 Tour : Jan Blieske & Jan Dinnebier «Tools for Architectural Lighting»

  • Jan Blieske & Jan Dinnebier | |
  • "In order to be able to plan good lighting, one has to understand the respective space." Jan & Jan will first put you in the mood for the topic "Light and Space" with a short presentation, and will show some of their own cooperations with internationally renowned architects. Their subsequent tour of the fair will then lead you to selected new technologies and lighting tools which are changing and enriching the work of the lighting planner once more.

Preliminary Report

Light+Building trade fair

Light+Building trade fair

Light Smart Grid – Only a few years ago, we still experienced the ‘digital Revolution’, and now the ‘energy revolution’ is approaching. Experts will not be the only ones to concern themselves with the generation, distribution, storage, and consumption of energy in the future. In which direction the development is heading to is illustrated at this year’s Light+Building trade fair, where technical and decorative lighting as well as building technology have found an ideal platform. Prelininary report of Thomas Geuder. more

Light+Building 2014 | Preliminary Report

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