Light + Building 2020 - Connecting. Pioneering. Fascinating - March 8. - 13. - Frankfurt am Main

Light + Building Guided Tours with 13 international lighting designers and experts – World-Architects organizes Talks + Tours with Carla Wilkins, M. Hank Haeusler, and Guided Tours with Ulrike Brandi, Andreas Schulz, Thomas Mika, Marie Güell, Reinhard Germer, Ignacio Valero, Jan Nielsen & Helmut Angerer, Jan Dinnebier, Martina Metzner and Thomas Geuder. The tours are conducted in English and last approximately 2 hours. Each of them will show you individual highlights at Light + Building in Frankfurt from 8 to 13 March 2020. Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer

March 08 Tours

Portrait of Carla Wilkins
  • #01 Talk + Tour: Carla Wilkins «spot on»

  • Carla Wilkins | LICHTVISION DESIGN, Berlin (DE), Honkong (CN), London (GB) |
  • Sunday, March 8, 11:00-11:45 Talk + 11:45-13:00 Tour
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Talk + Tour in english language

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spot on

As an international practice with offices in Berlin, London and Hongkong our design reflects the contemporary style and language of genius loci. Large scale and small scale train us to be open minded and develop client orientated solutions. We will explore where are the differences and simultaneous approaches bringing the space to its best. Looking for the right tools to serve the wide range of our national and international projects. Improved designs as well new technologies will be presented on the fair ground. Join me on the hunt and explore together some of the tools which are worth it to be implemented in the Lichtvision design intelligence language.

Carla Wilkins

Based in Berlin Carla Wilkins has over thirty years professional experience as an independent Architectural Lighting Designer. In 1997 Ms. Wilkins was one of the founding partners of Lichtvision where she continues working to expand the traditional boundaries of lighting design to encompass all manner of visual experience. Over the years Ms. Wilkins has worked on a vast array of German and international projects. In Lichtvision she overviews the Concept and Design Department and enhancing the design synergies of all three Lichtvision offices Berlin, Hong Kong and London. Her work has been widely published and she frequently lectures on lighting design and related topics. Carla Wilkins has a degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in architecture and is an active Professional Member of International Lighting Designer's Association and Board Member Werkbund Berlin.

(Caption) Wuyuan River Stadium, Haikou (Photo: Schran Images)

(Caption) Beethovenhaus Bonn (Photo: Beethovenhaus / David Ertl)

(Caption) Self Portrait Store, London (Photo: Paul Riddle)

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(M. Hank Haeusler)
  • #02 Talk + Tour: M. Hank Haeusler «A computational journey from light to building»

  • M. Hank Haeusler | Associate Professor (PhD, Dipl-Ing. FH) UNSW Australia, Sydney (AUS) | |
  • Sunday, March 8, 14:00-14:45 Talk + 14:45-16:00 Tour
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Talk + Tour in english language

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A computational journey from light to building 

Over the last twenty years my research and professional work has led me from research and design of media facades to designing cities using computational design tools and artificial intelligence. But how does this fit all together? How can one when focusing on light design get into building and city design? The presentation outlines how media architecture, as architecture in the second machine age can provide one with background to endeavour new areas in computational design, robot fabrication, artificial intelligence, biomimicry and more. 

M. Hank Haeusler

Associate Professor M. Hank Haeusler Dipl.-Ing. (Fh) / PhD (SIAL/RMIT) is the Discipline Director of the Computational Design degree at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, the world’s first Computational Design Bachelor degree. Haeusler is known as a researcher, educator, entrepreneur and designer in media architecture, computational design, and second machine age technologies and is author of seven books; and over 100 book chapters, journal articles and conference papers. He has taught and lectured internationally at several universities, is Professor at the Advanced Visual Innovation Institute at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing and Director of the Media Architecture Institute, Sydney.

(Caption) Vivid 2016 installation the first media facade completely designed and generated by a computer (Photo: UNSW Built Environment / Media Architecture Institute)

(Caption) Orkhestra 2014 installation at Light + Building Frankfurt, a media facade with the highest degree of spatial complexity (Photo: UNSW Built Environment / Media Architecture Institute)

(Caption) Centaur Pod 2019 installation, a responsive pavilion using origami inspired artificial muscles to alter the geometry of the pavilion (Photo: UNSW Built Environment)

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March 09 Tours

(Ulrike Brandi) Photo: Roman Thomas

  • #03 Guided Tour: Ulrike Brandi «Light for Museums and Galleries»

  • Ulrike Brandi | Ulrike Brandi Licht, Hamburg (DE) |
  • Monday, March 9, 11:00-13:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Light for Museums and Galleries

Light in museums is so diverse as life. It creates atmospheres from darkish and mystical to bright and analytical. We tell stories, wie simulate lively situations, we enhance the aura of objects. I will show concepts for various museums and some special solutions. In our tour we will visit manufacturers who provide lighting equipment for these purposes.

Ulrike Brandi

Ulrike Brandi is an international lighting designer and Director of ULRIKE BRANDI LICHT and Brandi Institute for Light and Design. She studied Industrial Design under Dieter Rams at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. From 1987 until now, she has initiated and carried out over 1000 projects (in both interior and exterior spaces) in Germany and abroad. She has also released numerous publications surrounding the subject of light. Her office planned over 1000 worldwide projects, for example R5 Samsung Technology Museum Seoul Korea, Rotterdam Masterplan, International Airport Pudong Shanghai, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Royal Academy of Music London. Ulrike Brandi released numerous publications and curated exhibitions.

(Caption) Museum in Forum Mittelrhein, Koblenz (Photo: Jörn Hustedt for UBL )

(Caption) Internationales Maritimes Museum, Hamburg (Photo: Robert Basik)

(Caption) Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart (Photo: Mercedes-Benz Museum)

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(Andreas Schulz)
  • #04 Guided Tour: Andreas Schulz «Functional Aesthetics and Lighting Quality in Architectural Spaces»

  • Andreas Schulz | LICHT KUNST LICHT, Bonn/Berlin (DE) |
  • Monday, March 9, 15:00-17:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Functional Aesthetics and Lighting Quality in Architectural Spaces

Extraordinary rooms are created through the perfect interplay of light and architecture. Like no other medium, light is suitable for materialising and enhancing the spatial qualities of architecture. Light planning for architecture means creating ideas and concepts adapted to the specific requirements of spaces, environment and people. This guided tour invites you to explore not only the visual effects of lighting, but in particular the emotional and perception-psychological impacts of it. You’ll get to know the value of individualised luminaires, flexible lighting systems and personalised lighting profiles to understand the importance of individual needs. Join in and be inspired!

Andreas Schulz

Andreas Schulz has over 30 years in lighting design experience. In 1991, he founded Licht Kunst Licht in Bonn and Berlin simultaneously. Since then, the office has participated in over 800 projects throughout Europe and overseas. It has more than 300 publications and has received numerous internationally recognized lighting design awards. In addition to his professional practice, Andreas Schulz is a frequent lecturer at professional conferences and University programs. He is also the founding professor for lighting design at the University for Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, where he is responsible for the education of future lighting designers. Mr. Schulz is a Lighting and Energy related consultant for the Federal Republic of Germany, a member of the Berlin Lichtbeirat Lighting Advisory Council, and consultant to the building works senator within the German senatorial administrative office for urban development. In 2010, he was appointed Director of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and is currently Chair of the IALD Europe Steering Committee.

(Caption) Goldmuseum, Frankfurt (Photo: Marcus Ebener)

(Caption) Omniturm, Frankfurt (Photo: TishmanSpeyer)

(Caption) National Museum, Qatar (Photo: Danica O. Kus)

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March 10 Tours

(Thomas Mika)
  • #05 Guided Tour: Thomas Mika «Changes, Trends, Strategies»

  • Thomas Mika | reflexion, Zürich (CH) |
  • Tuesday, March 10, 11:00-13:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Changes, Trends, Strategies

Architectural lighting design after the great LED-driven, technological R-evolution: Which changes, which trends, which strategies have really asserted themselves and what can be expected in the future? How has the luminaire market changed vertically and laterally and what are the consequences for architectural lighting design? Against this background, what role do project-specific luminaires play for us as lighting designers, now and in the future? 

Thomas Mika

2014 Guest professor for Lighting Design at the Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences (DE) 2014 Board and Executive Member at Refexion AG, Zurich | 2014 Sale of Refexion AG to Amstein Walthert Holding Group 2001 Foundation of Refexion AG 1997 Education in Digital Light Simulation, San José (USA) 1995 Degree in Business Administration - Diploma in Economics at the University of Zurich 1992-1994 Various courses at the German Institute of Applied Lighting Technology (DIAL), Lüdenscheid (DE) 1991 Postgraduate courses in Lighting Technology and Photometry at the Technical University of Berlin (DE) 1988-1995 Business Administration studies at the University of Zurich. Deepening on the areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Strategy and Trade.

Careum Auditorium Careum Auditorium, Zürich (Photo: Pit Brunner)

Bijouterie Bucherer Bijouterie Bucherer, Luzern (Photo: Reflexion)

St. Jodern Kellerei St. Jodern Kellerei, Visperterminen, Switzerland 2015 (Photo: Thomas Andenmatten)

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(Maria Güell)
  • #06 Guided Tour: Maria Güell «Dialogue between the light object and the space»

  • Maria Güell | La invisible, Barcelona (ES) |
  • Tuesday, March 10, 15:00-17:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Dialogue between the light object and the space

We will look for various interesting designs to find out how the luminaire is related to space. In this process, we aim to get to know the compositions from the perspective of their author. That the designer himself can explain to us how he thought about the object in relation to the space and ultimately the resulting spatial effects.

Maria Güell

Maria Güell stardted her professional carrer working on stage Lighting Projects related with the theater and dance fields. Later she started collaborating with architecture and Museum Lighting.Back in 2003 she founded “La Invisible” a Lighting Studio where she started to work on her own and created many projects and since 2019 she is lecturer at Eina School of Design barcelona.

(Caption) Christmas lighting installation in the old Born market (BCCM) (Photo: Rafael Vargas)

(Caption) Ephemeral light installation for the Lamp awards event (Photo: Rafael Vargas)

(Caption) Lighting of the "Parc de les Glòries" (Photo: Rafael Vargas)

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March 11 Tours

(Reinhard Germer)
  • #07 Guided Tour: Reinhard Germer «From the LED light source to the LED Luminaire»

  • Reinhard Germer | L-PLAN Lighting Design, Berlin (DE) |
  • Wednesday, March 11, 11:00-13:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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From the LED light source to the LED Luminaire

Looking back at the history of lighting, whenever a new light source was introduced, designers needed time to fully understand the nature of this new technology in order to identify the design potential. This is currently the case with the LED technology. Come join us on a tour to explore and discover the current stage of the development of these new products and applications!

Reinhard Germer

Reinhard Germer is the principal of L-Plan Lighting Design in Berlin. He is a professional lighting designer and architect. Reinhard’s extensive career has included a wide range of national and international lighting design and light art projects. He has previously worked for lighting design offices in Berlin, London and Sydney. Reinhard attained his Master’s in Architecture from (UdK) University of Arts, Berlin and his Graduate Diploma in Lighting Technology from (TUI) University of Technology, Ilmenau, Germany. Reinhard holds the professional membership of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers), along with Architektenkammer Berlin (Architectural Association Berlin, Germany).

(Caption) Thyssen Test Tower (Photo: thyssenkrupp Elevator)

(Caption) Hotel Adlon (Photo: Hotel Adlon Kempinski)

(Caption) Christuskirche Lüdenscheid (Photo: L-Plan Lighting Design)

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(Ignacio Valero)
  • #08 Guided Tour: Ignacio Valero «A glimpse to borders and challenges»

  • Ignacio Valero | IGNACIO VALERO Diseño de Iluminación para la Arquitectura, Madrid (ES) |
  • Wednesday, March 11, 15:00-17:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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A glimpse to borders and challenges

This is neither about light, nor about lighting, don’t get wrong… Light and lighting is what you do when you develop a concept, specify lighting stuff and build it after. This is about what is available today (and will be in the next two years) within the lighting industry. So, the best way to have a whole picture of this is to look after its challenges, boundaries and borders. On the tour we are going to understand the issues the industry is trying to address right now.

Ignacio Valero

Since 2011 the independent Lightning Design Studio Studio Ignacio Valero realizes indoor, outdoor and daylighting projects at highest demand all over the world. The project range includes commercial facilities, office and cooperate buildings, hotels and restaurants, museums, public facilities same as collective housing. As a lighting design educator Ignacio Valero shares his knowledge at ETSAM Madrid since 2016 and lectures on a regular basis in post-graduate and Master programs in Spain.

(Caption) GARNA ESTUDIO, Madrid (Photo: Álvaro Valdecantos)

(Caption) TORRE 30. RUIZ BARBARÍN ARQUITECTOS, Madrid. (Photo: Estudio Ignacio Valero)

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March 12 Tours

(Name) Photo left: Heiner Möser | Photo right: Maik Kern

  • #09 Guided Tour: Jan Nielsen & Helmut Angerer «Sharpen the perception of light»

  • Jan Nielsen | CONCEPTLICHT, Traunreut (DE) |
  • Thursday, March 12, 11:00-13:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Sharpen the perception of light

The conceptlicht tour idea is to sharpen the own perception of light. To give a few hints on how to be able to evaluate the quality of the light from the countless lights on the fair.

Jan Nielsen & Helmut Angerer

Jan Nielsen completed the diploma of interior design in Rosenheim 2000. In 2003 he finished the study of production design at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). From 2008 he is member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects and since 2019 a member of fild. He has 16 years of experience in lighting design and project management for national and international projects. His expertise reaches from smaller projects like Löwen-Apotheke / Neurupin in Germany to major projects such as the National Museum of China in Beijing.

Helmut Angerer completed 1976 the HTL (Higher Technical Education Institute) in Innsbruck. From 1970 until 1989 he worked at the Lichtlabor Chirstian Bartenbach. He worked at Fa. Siemens in Traunreut for one year. 1990 foundation of conceptlicht GmbH. Mr. Angerer is a founding member of the fild (federation of international lighting designers) and is also vice chairman of the organization. Since the founding of the office, numerous architectural lighting awards have been won.

(Caption) Kulturpalast Dresden (Photo: Christian Gahl)

(Caption) Grand Theatre Tianjin (Photo: Christian Gahl)

(Caption) U4 Elbbrückenhaltestelle (Photo: Marcus Bredt)

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(Jan Dinnebier) Photo: Christoph Trojer

  • #10 Guided Tour: Jan Dinnebier «Light and Architecture»

  • Jan Dinnebier | studio dinnebier, Berlin |
  • Thursday, March 12, 15:00-17:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Light and Architecture

Lighting is an integral part of the architecture. As architects develop the spaces, lighting designers need to understand their ideas and convert them into light and fixtures. My Guided Tour leads to selected, new technologies and lighting tools that once again change and enrich the work of the lighting designer, as a partner of the architect. Special feature: Decorative lights, that play with light, but provide controlled usable light.

Jan Dinnebier

Jan Dinnebier, DWB, born 1960, founded studio dinnebier in 1998 after working as architect at the studio of Daniel Libeskind and at his fathers lighting design office. Jan Dinnebier has worked on a large number of projects as lighting designer developed successful products like Wittenberg and in collaboration with Jan Blieske FlatBoxLED Series and the hidden Intrac adapter. Member of Deutscher Werkbund Berlin.

Futurium Futurium - Haus der Zukunft - Beleuchtung Ausstellung, Berlin (Photo: Jan Dinnebier)

Beyazit State Library Beyazit State Library, Istambul (Photo: Cemal Emde)

Potsdamerstraße Potsdamerstraße 91, Berlin (Photo: Robert Herrmann)

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March 13 Tours

(Name) Photo: Jason Sellers

  • #11a Guided Tour: Martina Metzner «Editors' Choice - Light»

  • Martina Metzner | Frankfurt am Main (DE) |,
  • Friday, March 13, 11:00-13:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Editors' Choice - Light

With her focus on good design, disruptive technologies and sustainable aspects, design & architecture editor Martina Metzner will show you the most interesting lighting novelties at her personal highlight tour at Light & Building that you don't have to miss. 

Martina Metzner

For Martina Metzner good design and sustainability are not separate concepts, but rather interconnected - and apart from her fascination for textiles, a central motif of her journalistic work. After ten years at TextilWirtschaft and Stylepark she is now working as an independent author and trend scout. Her features could be found at German Architects, Interior Fashion and Stylepark among others. With Raumprobe in Stuttgart she teams up for the Materialreport - an annual review of upcoming materials and colors for design and architecture. In her free time, Martina supports PIER F - a platform for sustainable architecture in Frankfurt am Main.

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Thomas Geuder Photo: Mathias Duerr

  • #11b Guided Tour: Thomas Geuder «Editors' Choice - Building»

  • Thomas Geuder | Stuttgart (DE) |,
  • Friday, March 13, 13:30-15:00
  • Meeting Point: Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 | Foyer
  • Tour in english language

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Editors' Choice - Building

Light and building technology are inseparably interwoven today, as buildings are becoming more and more digitized, therefore smarter, but also more complex. The special journalist Thomas Geuder shows you the remarkable highlights in the field of building technology on personal technology tour at Light + Building.

Thomas Geuder

Thomas Geuder is working as a specialised journalist for architecture, interior design, construction and design and is writing, moderating and consulting, for various national and international publications, also with a focus on building technology and lighting. He studied architecture at the University of Karlsruhe under Prof. Arno Lederer, followed by journalistic work at renowned architecture publishers. Since 2011, he has been bringing together building-interested people in his network "Der Raumjournalist", and since 2015 also in the Stuttgart architecture gallery "Die Raumgalerie".

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  • World-Architects Staff at Light + Building
  • Sabina Marreiros
  • Lisa Pavitschitz
  • Martin Bosshart
  • Peter Petz
  • Franziska Kahn
  • Renato Turri

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