ISH 2017 Frankfurt


Free Guided Tours with 9 architects, engineers and journalists – in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt World-Architects organised Guided Tours with Christina Biasi-von Berg Tour 01, Peter Ippolito & Gunter Fleitz Tour 02, Peter Joehnk Tour 03, Prof. Markus Pfeil Tour 04, Julius Reimann Tour 05, Susanne Brandherm Tour 06, Alexandra Busch & Thomas Geuder Tour 07 and Tour 08. The tours were held in English or German, started at the Outlook Lounge Hall 4.2 and lasted approximately 2 hours. Each of them showed highlights at ISH 2017 – the world’s leading trade fair for for innovative bathroom design, energy efficient heating, air-conditioning technology and renewable energies.

ISH Impressions 2017


Trade fair retrospective

ISH17 Impression (Source: Mathias Duerr / World-Architects)

Our trade fair retrospective | Unser Messerückblick

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