Tech Campuses - A Side-by-Side Comparison

Four tech giants—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google—are currently undertaking new campus headquarters on America's West Coast, an area encompassing Silicon Valley. Each company occupies buildings that are dispersed in their respective locales, many of them originally built for other clients. All of their current homes are undistinguished, and therefore they are aiming to realize ground-up campuses with architectural merit. In this feature we present three of the campuses (Google's project in Mountain View, California, is on hold, reportedly until next year at least), literally looking at them side by side to see how they relate in various ways.
L-R: Amazon, Apple, Facebook. See bottom of page for sources. 
Logos of the tech giants and the respective names of their current campus projects. "Rufus" refers to a dog who was a fixture at Amazon in it early days. Apple Campus 2 is, as the name indicates, the company's second office in Cupertino; the first one is located not far to the west. Facebook's original campus is the "East Campus," catercorner from the site of the new campus. 
The three firms undertaking the campus designs. 
Existing campuses. Photos courtesy of (Amazon) and Wikimedia Commons (Apple and Facebook). 
The West Coast locations of the three campuses. 
Comparisons of the campus footprints; aerials are to the same scale and north is up. 
Site plans, not to the same scale. Note that Amazon and Facebook site plans are rotated counterclockwise to aerial. 
Area and other number comparisons 
Floor plans, not to the same scale; orientation is same as site plan. 
Detailed floor plans, each at approximately the same scale. 
Renderings of proposed designs. 
Exterior elevations, not to the same scale (Amazon elevation is Block 19). 
Building sections, each at approximately the same scale (Amazon section is Block 14). 
Renderings of proposed designs. 


The above renderings and drawings are culled from documents made publicly available via the respective municipalities where the tech companies are building their campuses.

Amazon Rufus 2.0: Seattle, WA

Apple Campus 2: Cupertino

Facebook West Campus: Menlo Park

John Hill
Published on
Sep 9, 2013