Architecture and Film

The relationship between architecture and film is a subject ripe for exploration, from the design of sets and academic treatises on the role of space to more laid back affairs, like this presentation of clips built upon the theme of modern residential architecture. James Munn has stitched together scenes from about two-dozen films that both take advantage of modern houses by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and John Lautner, and create modern houses anew as sets. This presentation plays down the distinction between architect and production designer, emphasizing how modern residential architecture's open spaces, transparency, and simple materials make for appealing cinema.
A number of the houses in Munn's short film can be found in the "Architecture Filmmedley," a one-hour compilation of architecture clips in cinema put together (by our very own for Bruno Vanbesien) for Brussels Design September 2012. From the Frank Lloyd Wright-esque Fountainhead to a gunfight in Wright's Guggenheim (and even Frank Gehry's appearance on The Simpsons), the movie highlights the role of architecture and architects in shaping what happens in film and how we watch it.
John Hill
Published on
Sep 2, 2013