BAU 2021 Key Themes: Resources and Recycling

Sebastian El Khouli talking about the office and production building of the Baltensperger company in Winterthur

  • Theme: Resources and recycling
  • Project: Office and production building, Winterthur (Switzerland)
  • Architect: Bob Gysin Partner BGP
  • Editor: Elias Baumgarten
"As the debate on climate protection continues and the economic situation in the West deteriorates, the use of resources is moving into focus. Zurich-based architectural firm Bob Gysin Partner has designed an office building and a production hall for the Baltensperger company using modular timber construction. This method may initially be more expensive than conventional timber construction, but it offers great advantages, especially in the long term, without restricting the design flexibility, as architect Sebastian El Khouli explains." Elias Baumgarten

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