BAU 2021 Key Themes: Digital Transformation

Prof. Achim Menges and Prof. Jan Knippers ICD / ITKE University of Stuttgart in conversation about the Urbach Tower in the Remstal Valley

  • Theme: Digital transformation
  • Project: Urbach Tower, Remstal Valley (Germany)
  • Planners: ICD / ITKE University of Stuttgart + EMPA + ETHZ
  • Editor: Elias Baumgarten
"Consistent digital processes from the design of a building to its implementation are already on everyone's lips today, but if you look at the reality on construction sites in Germany, these are actually still dreams of the future. Their development, however, is eagerly being pursued. The field of experimentation here is timber construction. An exciting example of today's possibilities is the Urbach Tower near Stuttgart, which researchers from the ICD and ITKE institutes of the University of Stuttgart developed together with Swiss colleagues from EMPA and ETH Zurich and the Blumer-Lehmann company." Elias Baumgarten

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