Administration Pavilion of the Historical site "Sant Pau Hospital" - Restoration of interiors

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Carrer de Cartagena, 08013 Barcelona, Spain
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories

The interiors of the Administration Pavilion, built by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, are exuberantly decorated with a wealth of ornamental elements, in particular ceramic ones. The vaulted ceilings are the most magnificent feature of the rooms and have been well preserved, unlike some of the linings, in particular the floorings, which have either deteriorated or disappeared.

The project is based on two fundamental premises:

1- The building, which has a historic designation, has suffered a lot of damage over the years, and the time has come to restore it to its original state of beauty through careful restoration work that will remove any elements that have been added at a later date, and recover the vitality of original elements.

2- The ornamental elements have been enhanced by the use of neutral and natural materials for the restoration work, chosen for their innate simplicity, textures and colours. By doing this it is possible to differentiate between the original features and the contemporary additions in a way that does not detract from the overall harmony of the building.

A primordial objective of the project was to adapt the building so that it could be used in ways for which it was not originally designed for without losing its original character.

Extensive restoration work has been required to ensure that the building can continue to be used today while still retaining the essential character of the building created by Domènech i Montaner, and the spirit of service embodied by Pau Gil, patron of the arts.

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