Transformation of an old store into a studio


NUA arquitectures is a young Architecture practice based in Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain, founded in 2013 bv Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena and Ferran Tiñena, all of them graduated with honors in the Barcelona School of Architecture, and is committed to the development of innovative projects within the field of design, architecture and urban space. 


NUA explore and work in areas related to architecture and design in different scales by sensitive strategies to the memory of places and the environment and seek to answer contemporary social and cultural changes of our cities and territories through interventions, whose aim is make people’s life better.


NUA's works have been recognized with several awards as the Alejandro de la Sota Prize in 2015, have been exhibited in several exhibitions as the Venice international Biennale of Architecture in 2016, have been published worldwide and explained in several architecture institutions and schools as the Architects Association of Spain and Catalonia and the Texas AM school of Architecture, USA.

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