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The most recent book by Richard Sennett, grand seigneur of urban design and originally a planner himself, is Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City. In it, following in the tradition of Jane Jacobs, he makes a vehement plea for open cities. Here are some thoughts on the book. Inge Beckel

on 6/3/16

BLUE is the title of this year’s Biennale contribution at the Dutch Pavilion. It thematizes Dutch UN missions in Mali, Africa. Inge Beckel

on 6/2/16

The Australian Pavilion at the Biennale deals with the motto of Reporting from the Front – as predetermined by general curator Alejandro Aravena – in a rather pragmatic way, at least at first glance. The topic addressed: the pool. Inge Beckel

on 7/9/15

PSA Publishers Ltd., the publisher of the World-Architects platform, announces a change of management as Renato Turri, Charles Ganz and Falk Romano accept, as part of a management buyout, the shares of majority shareholder and company founder Hans Demarmels. John Hill, Inge Beckel

on 3/24/14

Spurred by "a steady stream of exhibitions and events that address the social and societal issues connected with architecture," Swiss-Architects eMagazin editor Inge Beckel looks at what happens when European architects work in Africa and other non-"First-World" contexts. Inge Beckel

on 1/13/14

Prizes, awards, rankings. Tributes, scathing reviews, recommendations. 'Likes', rankings and achieved (or missed) targets for visitor numbers. Evaluations are commonplace in architecture like anything else. So what is it, you may ask, that makes a good building, that makes an award-winner? Inge Beckel

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