Moussafir Architectes are active in various fields ranging from new construction to conversion, largely in the cultural and residential domains (performing spaces, education, private residences, social housing, and hospitality).


Our work is based on an experimental approach, its core themes being the relationship between form and function, interior and exterior, substance and materiality, as well as the mnemonic dimension of the architectural space. For us, architecture is less a question of image than that of «sense,» in both meanings of the word: «making sense» by encouraging a process of mindful inquiry, but also experiencing space through our five senses. Our architecture evolves from inside outward. It tends to reach beyond the limits of separate disciplines, seeking to create a new sense of scale for serene spaces whose structure is rooted in rigorous geometry. This is an architecture that is strangely familiar and at the same time familiarly singular. Architecture as a thought-provoking experience.

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